I emailed Canine Water Wellness and have requested to have a referal form faxed over to KAH for us to fill out and fax back so that BHRR's Pumbaa can begin to have hydrotherapy.

As many know, I am a HUGE proponent of this place and use our own pool in the summer time for hydrotherapy.

To learn more about Canine Water Wellness(I have converted quite a few folks over the years…), please visit them HERE.

In fact, BHRR's Apollo is on their home page with a video! 🙂

BHRR's Atlas was also a regular at their locale.

When I have a file all set up at Canine Water Wellness, I will make a posting for dates/times for any approved Volunteers who may be interested in helping me get him to some sessions. 🙂 Always a popular thing for some of our approved Volunteers to help out with. The lovelies at CWW are SUPER! 🙂

AND once, the file is all set-up at Canine Water Wellness(CWW), people can consider, if they want, to make any donations diret to CWW to go towards sessions for him. AS many know, I want quality for him and to be given all the comforts that can be given….this boy was sheduled to be pts and I am still shaking thinking how close it was that we may have missed getting him.

His temperament is AMAZING! Absolutely amazing!!! He deserves this time….AND I am committed and dedicated in giving him all the quality that we can give him. THANK YOU to his two shelter angels – YOU know who you are, for helping to save him! 🙂

AND, I hope that he proves all wrong as so many others have over the years with his own miracle journey! 🙂

As mentioned to one approved BHRR Volunteer last night, I shall be doing playdates and day trips with BHRR's Pumbaa, BHRR's Timon and BHRR's Salma as part of my:

"MASTIFF MAGICAL MEMORY MOMENTS" Movement for them. 🙂 For two are French Mastiffs and one is an Argentine Mastiff. 🙂 I will create an album on our BHRR FB Page and also share.

NONE of these dogs had any life prior to being rescued and I, for, one am going to give them the world…AND asking for a wee bit of help, just as I did with BHRR's Concert to help give it to them…..

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if anyone is up to a visit, hollar – EMAIL or call (613) 725-4279 or PM me……….I already have one home that said they just had to be the first! 😉 BHRR's Concert and I travelled over 4,500 KMs in 42 days……I hope to double or triple that or more for these three lovelies! 🙂