Tonight my heart bursts with such pride and joy!! The beautiful brindle GD that once had to be carried, then was belly crawling and then crouching and slouched, stood up tall and regal tonight, stood quietly full of anticipation while I put on his leashes and walked out the front door…

From there down the brick path where he pawed so gently to have me open it and went with a small tail wag down the steps with impeccable leashes manners and we walked(he actually trotted a bit by my side) to my car.

From there, he trustingly and happily jumped up in my car and turned to sit.

We made the one hour drive to……first get some gas and he asked to get out and do a small visit with people at the station – in the dark too! – and ended up at his temp foster home.

He trusted me and came out of the car willingly and relaxed and walked tall and strong to the door…

BHRR's Freedom, you are nothing like the dog that arrived at the ES and this experience being temp fostered per my recent blog post, is going to continue to make you that best dog you can be, balanced as normal can be for you and as a few know, if I owned less dogs myself, this boy is who I would want to stay as one of ours for my heart belongs very much to him…

To say good-bye was hard and I had you distracted while I left yet, as I drove away, I saw your gorgeous face at their window trying to find me and Kinsley, my co-pilot discreetly handed me some tissue as I drove away…..

It is because I love you so much that this is the right thing for you dear man….you shall deeply benefit being in the hands of others to help continue being that best dog you can be!!! You are one fabu boy already and are nothing like that boy that I first saw/worked with at the ES and then at BHRR….

Love you my dear man and look forward to receiving your updates and some photos and I know that your right matched forever home shall find you too…..patience….

This temp foster was a hard one for me yet, could not have had a better fit home for him to go to!! Thank you all for giving of yourselves to help me help him!! 🙂