BHRR's Riley is BACK at BHRR.

THANK YOU again to his temp foster home for loving on him all these past months!

His weight was 53.30 KGs(117.26 pounds). Still putting on that weight and muscle YET LOOKING GOOD! 🙂

He has soooooooooooooo many new doggies to meet since he was last here in the summer of 2012!

One thing that has not changed is that he is still a bit particular about his male friends and still does not understand my Bleach and now my Drift(Both SN's GD's).

He is loving the girls! LOL He remains a gooberhead and we shall begin the slow integration with all the new young males here tomorrow.

He just does not understand that he is such a nut that when he plays rough, the males want to play rough back and then he gets worried and can take some offense and then the other males get confused and then all stand around confused and unsure with looks of 'what do we all do now!' LOL



GOSH! He is one stunning dog!!! JUST stunning! 🙂