I am bringing BHRR’s Banzai in with me to work today to have him vetted. I am doing a very slow integration with Banzai with the other dogs for he is very shut down ’emotionally.’ He has been integrated with BHRR’s Potter, Abbi, Dana, Kona plus Soul to date. HE LOVES the women! AND huge kudos to our dollface BHRR’s Dana for it was ‘her’ that managed to get him to play a bit!!!! For all that she is mischievous, her heart is so full of kindness and sweetness and I just wanted to squeeze her tightly for reaching out to Banzai. He has been drinking ok yet his eating is dismal. I have had him since very late Saturday night and he has eaten maybe a bowl or two of food. I am thinking about putting him on an appetite stimulator if need be. He is very quiet and his only ‘moment’ was with PPSS today when Soul saw him and wanted to play and Banzai was not interested. I have confirmed, now that Banzai will allow me to touch him more thoroughly and will not flinch or want to step away; that he only has one testicle and the one that he does have, is not ‘normal’. I have also gotten a good look and feel on that right front leg and I am anxious to see the X-Rays plus the Vet’s opinion. Additionally; he walks so stiff and sore in the hindend, the poor thing. I have him on BNP for his eyes and I wish I could give him a bath(he smells) yet I think at this time, that is the least of our worries and it would just traumatize him. He is finally wagging his tail for me and has a special ‘bark’ just for me when he sees me(like when I came home from dropping off my kids at daycamp). He will come to me for loving when asked and already, when I use ‘Banzai’ as his name, he is responding. I wish I knew his real name for I know this has to be so confusing to him…..He will even come up to me for some touching and affection on his own now. His crate training is awesome! He is fully housebroken and what he loves best is just lying near me in the sunroom while I work on my computer. I found an old collar and have put it on him and Banzai is in desperate need of a nailtrim yet one step at a time. I would also like to get a better look in his mouth for how he is eating, when he does, indicates to me, that he might have some tooth, mouth or throat medical issue going on too. He is trusting me to look at his teeth and baby steps yet he needs an extemely detailed top to tail exam to properly document everything which he might need to be mildly sedated for to minimalize his stress level. That right front leg is also sporting a small puncture and while he will let me touch it up and keep it clean, he is nervous about me ‘poking’ about and I do not blame him. He is so sweet and puts our EM’s drooling to shame with those lips/flews of his! 😛 I was unable to locate my own scanner and I think I might have left it at the Hospital when we did our Microchip Clinic Fundraiser back in July and so, he will be scanned tonight. I shall also take more pictures and would like to get some of his body condition(it was so dark when he arrived) and he was so intimidated by almost everything around him. He just look so sad….. 😥 His favourite treat to date is the exremely large Milkbone biscuits(THANKS Mary for that wonderful donation!!!) and I have only have two left. It is the ONLY treat he will eat and I am going to have to run out and find more for him!!!!