Today's 'BREAK THROUGH' Moment and it just made my heart swell up in such emotion!

As those that attended the fabu CJ 'Dirty Dawg' wash in August are aware, BHRR took in an o/s GD named 'Jersey'. The owners by my invitation came out that day to meet me, other approved Volunteers and they brought their GD along. I wish I could have taken her that day. I will never forget Maggie coming over to get me to see her.

A couple of days later I picked her up to bring back to BHRR.

This GD spent her first few days crawling on her belly in the dirt to me and as others are aware, broke my and many others hearts. I have been in these tenches just shy of 25 years and this was just heartbreaking. AND I mean heartbreaking.

This GD was not simply shutdown, she was deeply broken….and as I said to Holly/Bruce one night when I was visiting with BHRR's Concert, I worried how I could find all those broken pieces and help her become whole again. They were very supportive, encouraging and full of belief that I could help her. I sincerely wanted to believe them yet had never ever in almost 25 years ever had a dog this bad, not in my behavoural client work on in Rescue. She was very badly broken…. 🙁

All I could say was that this GD had been 'broken' into many pieces and I worried for her….she had not just no interest in things or shutdown, she was simply put broken.

We have battled trying to get weight on, depression, confusion, lack of interest in dogs, people, toys, food etc. She was used to such a heavy hand and I am full of light loving touches and positive words, guiding loving hands and calm leadership tones.

Well, fast forward to today and this AM as I was outside training; I looked over and smiled at some of BBBBB's playing and then stopped jaw open….

BHRR's Jersey was out with them and running and zipping and zooming and playing and I just sat down, tears welling(YUP! The big suck I was) and quietly watched this beautiful creature emerging from that cocoon and tightly wrapped shell.

She was not just going through those old motions of 'eat', 'drink', 'go outside', 'come inside', 'sleep' etc., she was living and loving life and happy….very happy…..

AND one of the best parts????!!!! She came running to me on her own….not crawling on her belly or slinking. She was head up, just stunning….and I got stubby tail wags!!

AND with her actions, I also know I have 'passed' a test….I have earned her beginning trust and respect and her heart…..she was healing and had reached a milestone crossroads and decided to come to the land of the living and let me continue to help her. I am not one to want to project on a dog etc. yet, it is how I felt she was thinking and feeling. I actually felt 'emotion' from her, a personality!

While I would wish that r/q Rescue was not needed, I am blessed to do what I do everyday with such magnificent beings like BHRR's Jersey.

We have a very long road to travel yet with her health and emotional rehab BUT she shall get there!!! OMG! She shall!!

Thanks to all for reading my 'Gwennie' *mush* novel for today!!

I think anyone no matter their education and training and experience plus knowledge that 'thinks' they can save them all is not only arrogant yet dangerous to the lives of animals and to the people who love those animals.

While I worried about her, yes, I did not give up and never would YET I seriously wondered if I may have to move her to our 'Haven' Program to keep working with her to try and help her be the best dog she could be.

My wish for every dog is to have successful rehab and be adopted to a forever loving home and we take in those unadoptables as we love them too VERY much and give them the best lives ever like BHRR's Concert and BHRR's Potter……

I just worried very much for her….she really was and still is a very broken dog. Yet, she will get there, she really has touched me deeply and I want the world for her!!

AND thanks to a first rate husband and children who live with me unconditionally giving me all that I need and more to help her too!