'Abby' is a Great Dane that was picked up after being on the loose for almost a week along with another dog. I was contacted last Saturday – October 20th, 2012 to assist yet, until BHRR has more adoptions, we cannot bring in more dogs; regardless if we even have a temp foster approved home step up.

This Great Dane is currently outdoors and I have been to visit her twice and have brought a dog bed, a chilly dog coat( like that these coats have the belly and chest piece), revolution and have provided the eye meds that she needs for her eye infection treatment. She also has a dog house. The home is ensuring that she is fed the proper food and has touched base with me regarding the best food and amounts to feed her.

As the weather gets colder and until we have a spot ( no other place would take her after inquiring and she would be high risk to be pts at a pound due to her current unadoptability status and that we would have been one of the r/q places contacted and we have no room right now), this is where those that found her have her kept.

Before anyone judges this home, please note that they spent three days trying to catch her and the other dog and that they tried to bring her inside their home yet they have two others dogs and things did not work out. THIS home ROCKS! 🙂

I have shredrow foal coats yet they are all too big and the coat that I did give for her that is an awesome size Chilly Dogs one is not going to handle the colder temps coming fast.

There is no crystal ball that will say when we shall have that spot and we cannot compromise the integrity of our program and the dogs we already have by taking in 'just one more'. I am doing all that I can to take care of her plus with Vet guidance and the amazing co-operation of this home. I promised this dog and this home that she would be the next I would take right into BHRR.

She has had a tough life……I have not slept since I first contacted about her and shall not rest well until we do have adoptions that will allow us to bring her fully into BHRR.

There is no crystal ball as to when we shall have that spot and I do not want her pts. She can be a wonderful companion to a great home once she is finished being rehabbed both medically and emotionally. She deserves that……

AND my by-law is very much aware of what is going on and has been kept in the loop re: her and been very supportive of resource sharing.

She is also being treated for ear infections and has a small wound in one ear.

She is so blessed to even have BHRR SS for even if she is not yet at BHRR by then – praying that she shall be! – she is still very much a GD deserving of a wonderful spoiling and in just two visits with her to date, I feel and treat her as one of the BHRR 'fam'.

She is a small female, black with white( yup! Another BBBBB) GD that has had a really hard life…..

Please keep her in all your positive blessings and thoughts. AND that the weather stays as warm for as long as possible. The nights worry me right now with how cold they are getting…..

I will keep giving her all that I can and take care of her from afar with the home she is with until we can get her here…..

UDPATE: October 27th:

I am going to see her tomorrow for her eyes are not improving with the ointment and she will start antibiotics that I will bring.

I will also drop off a dry dog coat for her and also a bag of FROMM food that I bought today as the home is running low. I shall also bring another dog bed.

I will take some photos for the blog I shall start for her.

She is doing well otherwise.

Have looked at solar type devices for heating and am further investigating it and Sean also uses a special construction type unit in his workshop yet never unsupervised. Do not wish to have any fire hazards or cord hazards with heaters.

Sean and I are continuing to work something out for her to be in a house until we have room at BHRR.

The home is calling her 'Abby' and I am seeing her again in just a few hours! I thInk of her constantly and shall not rest until she is with us…..

BHRR does not have a spot regardless if it is in our home or an approved temp fosters. When I founded BHRR back in 1996, numbers of max. that BHRR could take at any given time and depending on how many were medical cases etc. was set. I will not compromise and cannot compromise the integrity of the program's of BHRR.

So, thank you to those offering to temp foster yet, we do not have a spot at this time for one of our current successfully rehabbed dogs that are now up for adoption or a 'emerg' temp foster for her.

AND she is not aggressive. This GD lived a very rough life. The home has two 6 month old dogs, one a male and she is an unspayed female. I do not blame her for beig cranky at not wanting to get mounted and rough housed with. The two dogs they have are not accepting of her more mature status of life.

UPDATE: October 28th, 2012:

This is 'Abby' with Sean – The stray GD picked up with an Airdalex on Friday October 19th, 2012 that had been on the loose for almost a week.

Sean came with me today to visit with her and to bring over more items – a bag of FROMM Whitefish, a spare Chilly Dog Fall Coat, another rectangular Costco dog bed and antibiotics.

Since I last saw her, she has put on weight, is so much happier and was doing really really really well!

The home is calling her 'Abby' right now and she sits and is very friendly and I was so thrilled by the improvement.

She is the very next GD on our waiting list to assist and may we get her into BHRR before the snow flies

I am working on starting her blog now and have two videos to add.

I really was so impressed with the mass improvement she has had in the last week. Her ears are clearing up, her eyes look so much better, the weight gain and her personality has just really started to come through.

I checked out her dog house and it remains insulated and very dry and now has a wind type barrier on one side too.

Thank you to this home for taking the best care they can of her and for taking the three days to build up the trust of her and her female companion(the parents of the woman took her as one of their own once her stray period was up) to catch them and provide them a safe haven and in contacting BHRR for assistance.

'Abby' with Sean – October 28th, 2012 – She is loving the fall Chilly Dog Coat I gave her