Tonight was my night to post pictures of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws from the two other sets I did in May plus his pictures from June 2nd AND to write a huge Gwennie Novel(SO much to say on this incredible boy!) yet with BHRR’s Dana going to the Vet and home now; she needs me; so; I am going to postpone this yet another day. As I mentioned in my last blog on Mr. Parker Paws; those on the BHRR Facebook group can see his photos at this time. 🙂 I originally had his neuter booked for June 24th yet have now moved it up to Monday June 15th. I believe that people are truly going to be blown away by how much weight he has put on and how healthy he looks; his coat just gleams. His back feet are just lovely right now and his front feet are slowly coming along. He shall most likely always be a wee bit flat footed, I am afraid. He is a very unique boy and fast captures the affection of all that have met him. I was pretty sure one or two people were going to try and ‘sneak’ him away on Saturday at our BHRR Doggie Fencing Day. 😛 He did fantastic with the men that were here on Saturday as well. A little ‘skittish’ yet WOW! The other quick thing I shall post on Mr. Parker Paws(he sure can use these paws! LOL) is how well he is becoming adjusted to ‘fast’ flighty movements and objects being carried past him above his head or near his face. Our latest accomplishment is Parker taking on the large empty Root Beer Plastic Bottle and POINT goes to Parker! After the initial really small spook and not being completely sure; he straightened up that spine(he continues to walk more often than not the way sweet doll face Dana did when she arrived; all hunched over and not 100% confident BUT we will get there!); and took on that bottle like a champ and put it in his mouth from my hand and OMG! I merely was hoping for him to smell it without cringing and he ended up taking it from my hand! I was not sure whether to cry or giggle he was just so darn proud of himself that HE DID IT! I was too! I wanted to cry in both joy that he did it and yet sadness that he was so abused in the past and had been scared of it. I wanted to giggle for he is just such a big kind gentle ham of a goober and he was just so darn adorable prancing about! Sean just continues to shake his head for Parker and I tend to have these ‘sessions’ in the wee hours of the AM yet just like LT and Linus; he is most receptive then and it works for me! 😉 Whatever he needs, works for me! The vacuum cleaner remains a big scary monster to him yet he is even better than he has been. It is going to be a true test when he is neutered on the 15th to see how comfortable he is this time around at the Vet Hospital. He was fine with all the women, yet he was nervous of the Kennel Manager; a man. Parker so badly wants to trust and we will get there. Parker is so sweet that you just want to scoop him up and proect him from everything PLUS squish him! Paper towel rolls, dish towels, bath towels etc. are 50/50 with him right now and the garden hose is absolutely terrifying to him. His startle reflex is almost solid now. Some moments here and there when we touch him when he is resting of sleeping or another dog startles him awake; yet SO much improvement here. He is a lot more confident in some ways for when I wanted to re-do his nails; I was only able to get one done this time before I had to call Sean in for some assistance holding his collar and the look on his face was just so funny. He honestly felt that *if* he did not want to do it; he did not have to and the look of almost shock on his face plus disappointment that we were still going to do his nails was very apparent. They are still quite long yet with each trim, we are making progress with his feet. more accomplishment to post on Mr. Paker before I leave the rest for later; he actually rolled on his belly on Monday night for Sean to rub him. Sean was standing by my computer talking to me and Mr. Parker Paws was lying near me and the next thing Sean felt was a paw on his leg and Sean looked down to see Mr. Parker rolling over and asking to have his belly rubbed by him! NOW that is HUGE HUGE HUGE! He very rarely barks now if Sean walks into the bedroom and he is startled by the door or motion. He still does bark once or twice at times if something outside ‘scares’ him and living in the country; we have many bears, coyotes, wolves, deer, fishers etc. I have new pictures of him and Abbi to post too. Abbi has been added to his closest bud list and he and Tain hang out a lot. Though, Parker has begun to try and ‘push’ my little blue around sometimes and it is interesting watching Tain try to stand up for himself and how they ‘work’ things out. They tend to give in to each other 50/50 at this time. Tain used to just let Parker do his thing yet Tain in his own right is increasing his own confidence and the two of them have been fantastic for each other! They often stand together and you can just see their minds working together; ‘I will go if you do’ or ‘we can do this’ or ‘what do you think?’ AND they will take on things together. Their facial expressions upon accomplishing something is amazing! Tain is doing really well on his own rehab from the idjit that scared the crap out of him back in April at the shows in Lyndsay. I have yet to see Tain try to push anyone around yet to see him no longer just give in all the time; is success for him too. Those two share very similar personality traits with being submissive at this time and such mush ‘mice'(I love that Suzanne!) personalities they both are. They are just so loving and just sweethearts! However; as a survivor; Parker has inner strength(he just does not realise it all yet) and we want to keep it in the right direction and keep him that sweet gem he is as he matures. Neutering will most certainly help(for he does mark outside and continues to try and hump the heck out of poor PPSS or Porridge and we are on him constantly)  yet at this time, he(intact), Tain-10 months(intact) and Bronson-2 years today HAPPY BIRTHDAY(intact); continue to live in complete harmony as Mr. Parker is doing with all the other dogs here as well. I can see that Sean and he has said this a few times now; really really really likes this boy.  😉 He is simply magnificent and here I wrote a Gwennie novel after all!  😛