New pics of Hamilton The Newf posted Slides #18-#22. He is just the most sensitive of boys in many ways and in others likes to be one of the ‘boyz’ roughhousing…NOT too much though. He has ‘found’ his voice and sometimes just like to almost ‘howl’ in empathy with the wolves on our property…sigh… 🙄 Goober! He also has developed this ‘play’ tactic of ‘sneak’ attacking some of the other dogs…he will stand around the corner of our sunroom or the master bedroom and when someone goes by; almost ‘tackle’ them or leap out in front of them….Abbi did NOT find this amusing whatsoever and Hamilton will no longer be doing that to her….OMG! That was funny! After almost being startled out of her skin; she gave him her best ‘Abbi’ school marm ‘I am most unimpressed’ look and I swear if Hamilton could kiss her feet; he would have in forgiveness! LOL Porridge just thrives on this play technique and can often be found; very carefully poking his head out and trying to peer as far as he can with his giraffe neck to see if the ‘predator’ is lurking! I still find Hamilton The Newf a wee bit thin for my liking and I continue to encourage him to try and eat a bit more. He is the biggest MOMMA’S boy and I have to admit, I LOVE it! We continue to work on his ‘public’ shyness and his ‘mop’ impression at the hospital yet at home; he is a completely different boy and both Sean and I know that out of all the dogs; he is going to have the hardest time adjusting to the new fenced in yard for the dogs. When we had all that snow a year ago; one day; Hamilton found himself on the outside of our current fenced in area(the snow was at least a foot higher than our fence…almost 6 feet) and he knew the instant he ‘popped’ on the other side and did his ‘mop’ act. So, we are thinking of all the yummy treats and ways we can get him most comfortable with things.