Abbi continues to do well! As many know, Sean and I have been holding off doing her nails(and as people know, I LIKE my dogs nails short!) and that patience paid off for we were able to do them a couple of weeks ago without any issues(submissive peeing). I cannot believe how grey her face is getting. It makes her look so adorable. I am also posting slides #56-#60 in her gallery. We have had some inquiries on Abbi and we shall see what the future will hold for her. We do have an open house coming up and that will be giving people the opportunity to meet her in person to see just how amazing she truly is! Abbi is definitely a ‘ladies’ man for she has completely claimed Sean as her own and when Sean is not feeling well; she will not leave his side or when he falls asleep on the couch(do not tell him that!); she is right there beside him. 🙂 She continues to thrive on rules and routine and is none too impressed when BHRR’s Mr. Parker arrived and being the completely untrained goofy puppy boy he is; just ran ranshankle through the house at first. She was also the object of his ‘affection’ and it did not take her long(just one night) to very politely and effectively ‘correct’ him on this behavour and he has been very respectful and has switched his affections to PPSS…sigh…everyone wants to hump my sweet Soul. Abbi is really maturing into her frame now and continues to just be a stunning Dane, inside and out. She has also taken to wanting to come up on my bed at night for some cuddles and loving and will even stay there for some time before getting off and settling on to one of the Kuranda Beds that her fostermom donated almsot 1.5 years ago. Her obedience is just almost perfection and she just continues to love to ‘ditch’ her collar at every opportunity….sigh…. 😛 We continue to work on her feeling comfortable again in the car and it is a very very very slow process and one that is truly ‘painful’ to dear Abbi. 🙁 She no longer sits and preens and watches the world go by with interest and just lies down and looks so worried. She still associates the car with when she was hurt by that dog and me taking her to the Vet and patience is the only way to go with this one. I just know that she would also be so much happier in a home with less dogs(she has to have her order and structure and it does stress her out to have others not ‘listen’) and we remain optimistic that her right matched home is out there!