UPDATE: Monday September 24th, 2012:

BHRR's Spice thinks stairs are optional, why use them when she has super powers in her mind and can fly! (roll eyes)….THANK goodness they are just the few steps going to and out of the house…

AND, oh, small holes, no matter how small is where noses, necks and half our bodies should belong in….

In less than 12 hours, I have greyed up significantly…and there shall be NO collars around her neck(I like to use them for training and unless someone is watching her nonstop)….they make great 'hanging' and 'choking' devices as she likes to rub herself on things like the fireplace tools and then gets caught…

I am glad I am touching up my grey/white hairs on Friday…I am going to need them!

I think Kinsley had some kind of ESP moment BEFORE I even picked them up! :)- HOLY! Are these names bang on!

Breakfast on the patio on Monday & BHRR's Sugar

Having their first exploration adventure at BHRR & BHRR's Spice – Monday

They both had a TON of burrs in their fur. Both are a body score of about 3/4 out of 10.

They both began their deworming protocol on Sunday and both were put on Revolution.

My one observation about BHRR's Spice:

In less than 12 hours of having her, she has tried to 'hurt, kill or maim' herself three times! She is not a for the faint of heart person AT ALL!