UPDATE SUNDAY September 23rd, AM:

the pick up of the two Newf pups has been rescheduled to tonight and shall post photos for name suggestions as I shall then also know their sex.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


I have the two babies! I was given two females. They are Newf/Bernerx and while there were some more giant looking; I asked and took the two most in need.

Therefore, two 'wee' females are with myself and Mason. We have a bonded pair, similar to BHRR's Rose & BHRR's Petal.

We are told they are around five months, yet; their teeth are indicating somewhat older – 6 months or so. 🙂

They shall need names and my daughter suggests 'Sugar & Spice' and ideas from all the wonderful name gurus on the board would be awesome!

They are black with white and are SUPER SUPER tiny!

Welcome to BHRR little lovelies!!!