UPDATE #1 September 12th, 2012:

PLEASE send good thoughts to Shai/Magnolia! She is the Senior special needs Great Pyrenees that ARC was sending our way as a Hurricane Issac doggie that was left behind on last weekends transport due to vehicle trouble.

She has then been re-scheduled to arrive to BHRR this weekend – tentatively Sunday.

Karla has called plus emailed me to say the lump under her left shoulder has grown aggressively and is double, if not tripled in size since last Sunday. 🙁

Photos of her are under the 'BHRR Hopefuls' Album

Scotlund is bringing her to the Vet and we shall update as we can….

Please send her all your best vibes!

UPDATE #2 September 12th, 2012:

Very sadly, the news for Shai/Magnolia is not great.

Per Karla of ARC, she is headed into for emergency surgery tomorrow as the Vets suspect mammary cancer. She also has an enlarged heart and advanced heartworm.

While I wish she was at BHRR to love on and care for, she could not be in better hands with Animal Rescue Corps.

Please keep her, Karla & Scotlund in your hearts and blessings…..


Additional info. per Scotlund – ear mites, HD and severe hearing loss yet; is as sweet as can be and is under the care of an excellent team of Vets.

AND I continue to say that this special needs senior Pyr is also under the excellent hands of ARC!!

I may never get to actually meet her; yet; she touched my heart from the moment I knew about a Pyr in need.

Hugs to all!

UPDATE: September 13th, 2012:

UPDATE on my sweet special needs girl as of 5:30 PM on Thursday September 13th from Karla of ARC:

"Magnolia has made it of surgery!

Cancer was the first concern. The tumor was nasty, big and attached to her muscle. They had to remove the whole muscle and the surgery site was so wide she has to heal with an open wound. She will be on pain management and antibiotics for awhile They founds tons of ovarian cysts when they spayed her. They said she's had cancer for awhile but they feel stress accelerated it's spread/growth. They removed all the cancer they saw. The tumor on her foot was removed as well.

Her lungs and heart did well during surgery so she IS a candidate for heart worm treatment once she heals from surgery.

She also has arthritis and hip dysplasia but this will be third in line to be addressed.

She can't be transport yet and she has two appointments next week.

Monday is check up and then she'll have x-rays later in the week.

She is welcome here as long as her recovery takes!"

When Karla first contacted me to say that the lump was getting larger, I was asked what I wanted to do – did I want her transported earlier than this weekend, have her vetted or wait until Sunday.

I said I want what is in her best interest and said please do bring her to the Vet and Karla & Scotlund have been extremely proactive with her vet care with an amazing team of Vets AND THANK you Karla & Scotlund for continuing to take such excellent care of her!!! 🙂

UPDATE: September 18th, 2012:

UPDATE: From Karla today:

"I briefly talked to Scotlund today and he told me her checkup yesterday went well! She is continuing to recover. I don't think he's thought about when she might be well enough to transport yet but I imagine we'll have a better idea by the end of the week!"


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