She is a Hurricane Isaac dog that was scheduled to be transported last weekend to BHRR yet due to a vehicle problem she had to be left behind BUT she was in the best hands possible!

When we committed to assisting her, we knew nothing other than that she was a female Great Pyr.

WE now know the following and I cannot wait to have her at BHRR for she is one special needs sweetie!

"She is probably around 8 years old. She has a tumor under her left armpit that is of concern and another mass on the top of her back left foot. She is about 20 pounds underweight. Her hips are giving her a swaggering walk. She might be a hot mess but she is the sweetest, gentlest girl and doesn't appear to be in any pain at all – though she may just be a trooper."

We have also been told that she is about 70 pounds and is about 20 pounds underweight. POOR thing! 🙁

ETA is now the weekend of September 15th and thank you to ARC and to Loyal Rescue Brenda for everything to make this happen!

THANK you ARC for what you do daily! I remain so humbled to have BHRR be one of your Rescue Partners!


This is Scotlund Director of ARC & Karla Goodson – Director of Outreach at ARC
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