BHRR's Shai ended up not making it to BHRR on Sunday September 9th, 2012.

On the Saturday, I received an email that there was vehicle trouble and while there was another vehicle able to assist, if they left her behind, the could fit the other 14 dogs travelling to Rescues onboard. If they took her, more dogs would have been left due to the space that she takes up being a Giant.

So, bummer! 🙁 🙁

I have been reassured that she is going to either ARC(Animal Rescue Corps) President's Scotlund's home or to ARC's Team Member Karla n Washington, D.C.. In fact, I was told that they love her so much that they want to change her name to 'Magnolia' and that I may not see her end up in our Rescue at all! LOL 😀

So, the plan is for her to arrive possibly the weekend of September 15th, 2012.

THANK you to all involved for taking such great care of all these dogs and for what you do daily!!! 🙂

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