HERE is the album on FB that I have been creating for BHRR's Concert and her incredible life of adventures and dreams fulfilled!

With how much I have on my plate these days, it is going to be very hard for me to post a blog here and posts/updates there, so I shall keep the link to her photo album current on her blog for people to virtually be a part of her living LIFE to the fullest!

This is BHRR's Concert's fourth journal entry of her my wish for her 'warmth and love from caring people', a celebration of the life that she is going to be living for as long as we can give it to her in quality!

BHRR's Sunday September 2nd, was full of relaxation, laying upon her back, four feet in the air chomping on one of her most fav things ever! A bone given to her by Maggie Bird and Derek Bird! She had lots of love, snuggles and cuddles with the BHRR family and really enjoyed resting on her bed on the lawn watching the young 'uns playing! She then had a lovely night chomping on her bone, four feet in the air while Sean tried to sleep…god, I love that man!!! What he does to support what I work so hard to do for the BHRR animals is nothing short of outstanding! 🙂

On Monday September 3rd, BHRR's Concert had a great restful AM and by the time I was getting ready to go, she was at that gate letting me know that SHE was coming…did not matter where, she was coming! 🙂 She was so happy and raring to go!

I posted 15 photos of her day in her BHRR FB Album. 🙂


The Ottawa United Rescue Potluck! We stayed for just over 1.5 hours and she could have well stayed longer yet; we had another charming engagement to attend and as it as, ended up being about 15 minutes late(SORRY again Brenda!). Kim Dick did a fantastic job pulling this event together and BHRR's Concert and I had a blast! AN absolute blast! It is a good thing that in the past week, Maggie & I worked on that camera avoidance for she had PUP-ARAZZI all over her! 😉 She was given personal items of enjoyment and pleasure(fish, treats, collar x 2 and a leash etc.) and THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To all that donated to her body comforts and delights!

She was hugged and loved and there was no worry when I stepped away to get a plate of food for my daughter, that she was going to be missing a thing! She wanted to come with me, many commented again on how bonded she was YET, she was content to stay with others as long as I was in her sight and this was a HUGE HUGE HUGE step! Even up to days ago, she would pull people to get close to me….so, she is relaxing even more, enjoying life and people even more and trusting more and feeling so much more comfortable! EXACTLY what I want for her! She is just loving LIFE! Having fun, making many friends, having adventures and stealing her share of hearts in the process! 😉 AND as long as I am around, I do not have to be right there…..this was so beautiful to witness…like a flower blossoming under all this amazing positive karma! 🙂

I am still being sent photos of her with many people that took a few minutes out of their day to visit with her! THANK YOU to all sending me these photos as Maggie is helping me work on a very special project…..

I LOVED that other than a few 'had to happen' welling up of tears here and there, we were all just soaking up the gift of BHRR's Concert and just loving that she was having a blast!

Thank you to ALL that helped me get her and her stuff to and from the vehicle! I am so grateful to Maggie, Derek, Gloria, Suzanne, Kinsley, Anna and Laurie for those extra hands!

One of her gifts was my melting point…a collar/leash donated by Tracy & Jenn that people could write best wishes, notes, blessings and supportive words of encouragement to BHRR's Concert on……


We had to leave and it was so hard to leave…I was still visiting dear friends and meeting new ones…as was BHRR's Concert…yet; off we went to our second locale….

This was a gift given to us by a lovely woman, Krysta to capture BHRR's Concert's life to the fullest and that she shall live forever through this gift…she arranged and paid for a photo session with a dear woman named Brenda and we are going to be the recipients of 2 x 5×7 photos! We also have the option to purchase more at a discount.

We were there for about 1.5 hours and BHRR's Concert just SHINED! She was feeling good and happy and living in the moment! She let us know when she was done and just turned her back! LOL As I keep saying, she is one of those dogs that for being so quiet, she sure talks LOUD when she has something to say! 😉

Cannot wait to view the photos! I had invited dear Gloria to attend with us, yet, I understand why not and I hope that she can come view the slideshow when it is ready. I also hope that Gloria will come on a picnic with BHRR's Concert and I for to see these two gems together is very heart touching.


As BHRR's Concert was going strong and you could tell that she was not ready to call it quits, she was peppy and happy and trotting…..we went for a just over hour visit with her Auntie Caren! Caren lives near a lovely quiet park and we put her doggie bed down and plunked our butts on the ground for a good time! 🙂

Auntie Caren gave her a very yummy treat that she just gobbled up and also some BHRR's Journey Heart Biscuits and a stuffie…OMG! She just loved her goodies of pleasure and Caren has an aura of calmness and shining warm that just makes everyone around her just relax and soak it all up. I found myself just taking some deep breaths and letting go……I KNEW that BHRR's Concert would love Caren and she did!

At just past the hour and fifteen minute mark, BHRR's Concert stood up and faced the car and was ready to go home!

So, that is what we did and she ate a lovely supper, took her pain meds and is now snoring(shhhhh! Do not tell her that she snores) with Sean(he already knows he snores!) with Sean all snuggled up on the double bed in the rec room…..

What a SUPER day again for her…AND me!

Have I told each of you today, JUST how much I appreciate you and what you are doing for her????

Tomorrow is rest day…..and Wednesday is a quiet visit in a park in Manotick with Andrea. 🙂

Then she is resting to Sunday…..As her time is going to be drawing closer, I want her resting and relaxing as much as she needs. She may not feel she needs it as much as I do….but, she has friends and loved ones at home that also want and need time with her……BHRR's Maggie May and Guinness and Bunker Dude really love her……

AND that is her latest update! 🙂

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Concert'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the 'gift' option)

"CARING FOR CONCERT" ANGELS     $982.80 donated to date & Bills $1,417.23

Anna & Peter
Penny – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Edina – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Heather – PayPal took $2.25 in fees *Donation to buy personal items for BHRR's Concert's comfort and enjoyment
The King Family – socks & canned food
The Bird Family – special Santa items
Margaret – Costco dog bed, brown rice and fresh salmon
Simone*Donation to buy personal items for BHRR's Concert's comfort and enjoyment in honour of BHRR's Atlas'/Emma's names
King Family
Aileen – personal items for her enjoyment including music CD
Williams Family – fish
Al/Lynn – personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure
Sarah – fish
Tauny -personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure
Genesis Dog Rescue – personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure – sentimental collar/leash for memory keeping
Tanya – Crazy Beautiful – collar
Suzanne/Chuck – personal item for her enjoyment and pleasure
Lucie – PayPal took $1.75

**IF I am forgetting any ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

BHRR's Concert – enjoying a very special gift basket and cuddling with Sean
*First three photos courtesy of M. Bird