I have two new pictures of Abbi to add; yet I will put one of them below; so all can see just how BOOOOTIFUL she is!  🙂 It has been a ‘tough’ weekend at BHRR. Abbi continues to thrive here and we just love her more and more every day. I think she has decided that ‘Sean’ is officially hers and when Sean takes a nap(don’t tell Sean that I am posting this) on the weekends; Abbi can be found lying right next to him. Yet, her favourite position is lying partly on him while he naps. She really has taken to him and even today, Sean said that he felt that when(gosh, we still hope!)she is adopted; that she is really going to miss our home. For me, I think what Abbi misses most is her two DBB sisters; which of the two; it is Jenni; yet Jenni; honestly cannot be overly bothered with Abbi. Jenni is the ‘princess’ to the end and has always ‘ruled’ in her own way and Abbi was always content to follow her and let Jenni call the shots. I feel for Abbi and the last time that Jenni plus Mudslide were over; all Abbi wanted to do was go outside and play with them; especially Jenni and Jenni was not really interested. Abbi is just not the ‘same ‘Abbi’ without her DBB sisters and my heart does pang over that. Is she happy here; oh sure she is…..but we nor any other dog here is a replacement for her family. I mentioned to Sean that Abbi should really have a home to call her own, one with less dogs and yet with at least one(preferably where there would end up being even numbers when she is adopted, so she is not ‘left’ out as many odd dog number homes can tend to end up)that she really connects and bonds with. We will be very careful to ensure that Abbi is placed as per her wishes and really ‘listen’ to her and her needs. I will need to take a step back, not be too protective and let her ‘talk’ more when this time comes. I just find it hard seeing her feelings get hurt; just as a parent hates to see their child hurt.  🙁   I am thinking that as much as I do obedience myself and teach it; I think I am going to take Abbi ‘out’ of the home and take some classes with her; be it agility or obedience. JUST her and I; to really show her just how special she really is and to have that extra ‘alone’ time with her. Tomorrow, she shall celebrate her 2nd birthday…just where as the time gone!!!! WOW!

BHRR’s DBB Abbi – March 2009