I have 9 new photos of Dana to upload and I hope to get them up within the next day or so. It has been a very ‘rough’ weekend at BHRR yet I promise to get her new pictures posted soon. In the meantime, let me post one picture of Dana below; so that everyone can see how she is continuing to just mature into such a stunning Great Dane. She has come a LONG way since her arrival to our program at the end of November of 2008. The pictures tell a much different ‘story’ now then when they did upon her arrival to us. I am beyond PROUD of this girl. Beside the word ‘survivor’ in the dictionary; should be BHRR’s Dana’s picture and name. She was so broken and ‘lost’ and starved and full of pain and injuries and just beaten down and if only the people that first ‘saved’ her could meet and see her now! She simply takes my breath away with her beauty and spirit and she is almost a ‘lady’ in manners now…… LOL Almost……….She and I are still working on that part! 😛

BHRR’s Dana – March 2009