BHRR's Dozer is at work with me today. He weighed a lovely getting nicely toned 68.9 KGs(151.58 pounds).

He was great to get into the car, travelled well – shared some drool on my scrubs LOL and had no issues with cars or people on the road as we travelled.

When I arrived, I took a bunch of BHRR's Journey Heart Biscuits with me and gave them to all the staff he met YET, no stranger danger! WAHOO! Now, they are calm and quietly confident and he responds to those types of people very well.

He stepped on the scale like a pro and has been very quiet in his run. Some 'sucky' sounds here and there when he sees me, yet; other than that a dream. I have had him out and in several times and though, he does not want to go into the run, he respects my wishes of asking him to do so. He would rather splash his water all around than drink it; so no more water in there with him right now. 😉

It took some time to put a muzzle on him for as lovely as he is; we were told by his previous home that he 'freaked' out at his last Vet visit and we needed to do bw etc. So, safety for all and no set-up for failure for him.

This is when things became very interesting. He felt that if he 'threw' his weight around, he would get his way and we would not do what we needed/wanted to do. He was not aggressive, he was bratty. VERY! So, I was patient and eventually, got the muzzle on and he kept trying to be wiggly wormy, so when he wanted to lay on his side, we kept that position and did his heartworm test which he did not even know was happening, microchipped him which he did not even know was happening and did both back and front nails. He was not happy that he did not 'win' and have his way and just wiggled here and there yet; he was not snarling, growling or being aggressive.

He shall need a lot more handling in these areas yet; HUGE HUGE HUGE from when he first arrived.

Let him up on his feet a few moments later, muzzle off, tons of treats and he was just fine…..

He still needs to visit with the Vet re: his heart, lungs, teeth and DAPP booster and we shall see how that goes.

So, word of advice to any future home, muzzle him, place on side if that is what is most comfortable for him and do not make a big deal out of things…do what needs to be done, praise appropriately; treat and then move forward in a passively ignoring fashion.

He saw one delivery man today, was 'a bit wary, yet more curious and I was proud of him. The man was busy and so, I just stood there talking to some of the lovelies I work with and kept an eye on him yet stayed relaxed. NO issues.

AND the only issue today was poor Dr. Javinksky who came to do an u/s. I took BHRR's Dozer out for a pee and came back in and spent a few moments with BHRR's Dozer chatting with the lovelies and I saw Dr. Javinsky come to the back. I was curious to see how BHRR's Dozer would react and it took him a few minutes and when he did; the 'stranger danger' mode was in full swing – big barks – about four or five – tail high, stiff yet relaxed over time into more of a nice wagging and the fur on the back of his neck was up in fear.

I told BHRR's Dozer no and said we do not do this and Dr. Javinksky said 'I guess apparently we do do this' and I could tell both sides were uncomfortable. So, I just turned BHRR's Dozer again, 'No and you are fine' and took my time walking him away from the prep area.

BHRR's Dozer is uncomfortable yet, he also takes some 'enjoyment' out of getting a reaction from those that he can. It is a tricky combination to work through.

So, BIG progress since he first arrived! He also walked by one staff members two pugs no issues when they were in the run; just curious and when they were outside and I brought BHRR's Doxzer; while showing curiousity, he was not focused or obsessed. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!

So, this is just amazing progress.

It is going to be very interesting to see how things go as the light fades and we drive. I have to put gas in the car and deliberately am waiting until after my shift when it is dark to see how he reacts and then we are off to pick up some auction winning items and I am going to be really observing his behavour and working to set him up for success.

From there, I shall be posting dates 'looking for men' 😉 I am hoping to find some of our male approved Volunteers willing to have us go visit, go for a walk etc., to continue to rehab this boy into the superstar he really can be.

So, if any of our approved homes with men, would like to have a date with a 151.58 pound tall, dark and very handsome dude with The Gwennie as a chaperone; please EMAIL 🙂