We are now safely home and I have all his previous Vet records from the Vet who vetted him prior to the O. doing the dump at the Shelter.

He is a purebred Giant Schnauzer according to those records and was born April 21st, 2012. The previous O. only had him one month……

In doing a quick review of his file; he was seen for a prolapsed rectum on July 21st and the O.'s declined much of the recommendations made their way. He also had a hot spot. He was treated with panucur(diarrhea/parasites), given Metronidazole and lactulose along with a gastro diet.  The Owner declined to go to St. Hyacinthe for more treatments.

This puppy was having both diarrhea and also tenesmus isssues.

He ws given a hydro sedation and oxygen and the prolapse was flushed and manually administered to with sterile lubricant. There was no evidence at the time of any masses or abnormalities during the rectal exam. One suture was put in place. The Owners was informed on how to keep the area cleaned and to use an Elizabethan collar.

A recheck was recommened in one week to re-visit the suture and comfort level plus possible diarrhea(shelter did report that stools were soft yet that could be due to stress, food/water change and/or parasites etc.) If all was good, the suture was to remain in place one additional week. If there was difficulty or there was a prolapse reoccurance recommended to recheck immediately.

There was also a recommendation to vist a cardiologist.

The Owner was advised to watch for diarrhea or straining to poop. Either condition would require a re-evaluation.

The Vets said that this prolapse could happen again or never.

From the Shelter Records, he has been given DAPP booster and his rabies. He has been with them since at least July 26th, 2012.

On August 4th, 2012 – The Shelter put him on Doxycycline 100 mg tablets – 2 tabs SID for 14 days. He has 4 days left.

On August 12th, he was 18.4 KGs(40.48 pounds). 

BHRR shall not neuter him until he is older and done his medications and will not be given him any boosters until he is off his medications and doing better. I also want to look further into this prolapse and also heart. All shall be properly documented in his file at KAH. I already started a note section earlier Wednesday.

HE is a sweet boy. BIG clubber feet and we need to examine those hips of his plus he has one leg longer than the other in the front(could just be puppy growth), he is still teething and does submissive/excite pee(did when I picked him up and when I brought him to KAH and then when he first met Sean etc.) However, since I have been home with him and all snuggled up in Kinsley's room(I have not yet been cleared from my major sugery last November to re-enter the master bedroom with zee big dawgs!), he has not peed once.

He was very hungry, fed him a bit of food, he drank a bit and is now flaked out right by my bed.

Being a Giant Schauzer – socialization is as key as with any dog; yet; this is a breed very much calling for the socialization with strangers and dogs etc. He has been uber friendly to all people and my kids and when I picked him up from the amazing person who kept him after meeting his transport(they were bringing in three dogs to their own program) mentioned that he was right in the face of their DDB and yet; corrected well.

I was informed that he tested well with other breeds – Bouvier etc. at the Shelter and he is excellent with his sit! He is responsive to when I speak to him in French and has bonded very quickly to me. It will be important for Sean and the kids to handle him as well as get him out and about!

Once he is over his KC, I shall be seeking approved homes for playdates, daytrips etc. It has been many months since we have done our playtrip program! 🙂 This is usually something we do monthly yet; stopped in the spring as we hosted our special DATE AUCTION.

Time for me to take Mr. Emmett out for a bathroom break and as it is almost 2 am, and though, I have much else to do; I think it is nap time!

Later today, shall be a very exciting time FOR we have not one but two very lovely dogs that have a special announcement to make! 😉 😀