I brought Shiva into work with me on Saturday and she had her ‘annual’ exam plus received her utd vaccines. She weighed 39.4 KGS(86.68 pounds). She is very muscled with a lovely coat and did really well. When she is adopted, her new home is going to have to understand the importance of her continued ‘social’ networking outside of the home. On the drive in and back, she only ‘alerted’ me once to the excitment she felt in seeing someone on the road….so, only had one ‘huge’ startle moment myself! LOL She was a bit stressed in the run(she is no longer crated with us) and had an accident yet was quick to tell everyone that she had one. I really like the dog. She has so much potential and she is just a great mxture of young dog and maturing Great Dane at this time! She is the best of friends with Ocean and Dana still and is a fantastic ‘puppy correcter’ to them when they get a bit too wound up. 😀