I so needed this beautiful welcome me home greeting today…..

They make every day special and today even more so.

AND another picture of BHRR’s Char!

Another photo of this gorgeous BBBBB!

AND yes, her tail is up and wagging happily behind her.

BHRR’s Char!
~15 months of age

She told me that she is finally ready to make her own special announcement!

ISN’T this BBBBB just gorgeous?!

Her scars are her badge of survival…a symbol of her incredible strength.

Though, others tried to break her, she is a thrivor.

She had her latest Vet Visit yesterday and she was deemed healthy for her third boosters and though she could still gain a bit more muscle mass and weight – she has put on almost 30 pounds to date – it is nothing that cannot be done in a right matched personality fit home.

THIS girl should not EVER weigh more than 100-105 tops, she should be lean and obese dogs remain one of my biggest pet peeves.

She is not skinny, she is no longer emaciated, she is looking beautiful…really stunning!

She can go to a home that works full time, part time, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired. She is another incredible versatile BHRR dog.

We will NOT consider any homes with children under the age of 12.

We do not know how she is with cats yet we would prefer a no cat home for her with how her play style is – can be quite rough – better than it was yet this is also her personality. She is a princess in many ways yet a tomboy in others.

She needs a quietly social home, one that is active for she loves her walks/hikes and car rides and she needs to have the proper level of mental plus physical stiumation.

She is young, happy, healthy and wonderfully busy girl.

At her Vet visit yesterday she was fantastic with EVERYONE!

She only did one moment of inappropriate attention seeking behaviour by giving some barks to a couple that were there to drop off some Empties for our Holiday Season Drive.

She corrected well and felt quite proud of herself, which while it makes me smile on the inside is not acceptable.

We would love to see her in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog. We need friends, so does she yet what is most important is that she has a strong social doggie friend network. Therefore, if that right matched personality fit home did not have another dog, they must have a network in place for her.

She is playful, affectionate, has learned to love herself and that her own company is ok, can be a bit pushy and when gently reminded, remembers her manners.

She is full of life, crate trained, washes well and is wonderful to do nails.

Her leash manners are now at a level of ‘diamond in the rough’ and she is very eager to please. So attentive almost 75-80% of the time now. WTG!

She sure has discovered the comforts of the couch and for a dog that was chained up outside in the mud, good for her!

She is not for the faint of heart. She has spirit and backbone and is sweet, saucy with a healthy dash of spicy mixed in.

She will never go to a home that would not accept her for who she is, work to help her reach her WOW potential and she needs a home that is patient, has a good sense of humour and will give her that positive balanced approach to living that she so needs.

She may be a smaller female Giant yet she is massive in personality…you know when BHRR’s Char enters the room.

She is a great companion to watch a movie or read a book and cuddling up with a cup of tea by the fireplace.

She is equally a great companion for walks/hikes and car rides are a thrill for her!

She took some time to settle in as she packed so much into each day as if it was her last of freedom and now she ‘gets’ that she will have so much time in our 3+ acre fenced in yard to run/play.

She ‘gets’ that she will not be starved and will be fed on time, fed enough food and that no other dog or person is going to take her food.

She ‘gets’ that leashes are not scary horrible things that will tie her up outside and leave her all alone.

She ‘gets’ that she will not be left outside and never be allowed to come in for warmth, love and comfort. That did break my heart when she first arrived…..she was so worried about not being allowed to come in. She needed reassurance that she is important and that she lives inside the home and can come in and out as needed.

BHRR’s Char ‘gets’ that she is worthy and her head is now held up high, her tail is not tucked tight up to her belly, that she does not have to slink around or rush from A to B as close to the ground as possible.

She is proud and happy and healthy and I am bursting with so much happiness for her.

She did it Karen and Samantha and Jane! She DID it! Thank you for entrusting her to us……

She is going to make that right matched personality fit home a really blessed addition.

BHRR’s Char
December 24th, 2018Another sneak peek photo from our annual Christmas Eve Photo Shoot.

She is a hoot! When she does remember to focus, her obedience skills and manners have become impeccable!

She is a fiesty, pushy, mind all of her own kind of gal yet that has helped make her a survivor. She is affectionate, likes to often ‘talk back’, makes me laugh and giggle and keeps me delightfully on my toes with her antics.

She is a giant puppy and has come a long way in such a short time and her progress from emaciated, terrified, could not be touched to now is truly remarkable.

Love her very much!

She is a big personality filled girl in a small ‘giant’ Great Dane package!

She will be having vaccines soon and then not long after should be ready to make her own special announcement!

She is a bit of a black blur in almost every photo we took that evening!

Love this one with her tongue sticking out!

BHRR’s Char
Today, she was up another 3.6 kgs(7.92 pounds) and weighed 87.12 pounds. She is now healthy enough to spay! 
With her body frame/structure and current young age, she should ideally be around 100 pounds and she has put on so much muscle mass/weight from when she was first rescued from being chained up outside in the mud. WTG!
While thin, you are no longer emaciated.
We had a plan in place based upon her past understandable anxiety/stress at work when she was first there yet other than a few ‘uhmm hey, I want attention’ barks, she was magnificent!
Calm, settled, happy and exhibited minimal stress. BHRR’s Char, the progress that you have made in your rehab journey to date has many of us beaming hugely!
I knew you would be greatly improved and relaxed as you have come to trust, yet today, you were beyond a rock star, you were a super star! My heart just burst open with such incredible pride over how far you have already come. You are really something amazing and we will keep showing you daily that there are a lot of helping hands to love on you and there shall never be any hurting hands in your present or future. 
You are learning to like yourself and from there, you will come to love yourself. You are self-soothing plus self-comforting in such a positive balanced manner and needing to do less and less of it!
A lovable personality filled goof to all but the surgeon…you were a bit nervous, made a few soft growls yet thumbs up to you!!!
Her Vet got a thorough look in her ears and we were able to really see the damage to those front legs from when she was hit by a transport. So brutal…poor girl.
Her spay went great and thanks again to all of the angels that donated, shared and/or participated in our recent 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction!
Sadly, we still have bids of $115 outstanding, two winners and we continue to follow-up….this is an enormous amount of money for us and BHRR’s Char’s Bills are now almost $1,800. 
AND she still has more Vetting to be done including Vaccines.
AND I want to shout out big time to the KAH lovelies for taking such fabu care of her today!!! 

BHRR’s Char – ~12-15 month GD
November 2018

She is slowly and so wonderfully putting on the much needed muscle mass and weight that she needs.

Yes, the way she is standing ‘hides’ quite a bit of her still current state of emaciation yet I love this photo as you can see how truly gorgeous she is! 

She is no longer cowering with tail tucked tight up to her body from the first pictures sent our way of her. 

Yes, she has scars on her face and on her body and survived being hit by a moving vehicle – one note stated train and AC who remembers the call have told us it was a transport – and also survived being chained up outside in the mud, starved plus neglected.

This BBBB is amazing! She is absolutely a beautiful girl…inside and out! Strong, feisty, a real character, small, mighty, playful and has been amazing with all the dogs to date.

Her eyes no longer hold terror and confusion. 

She does suffer from understandable SA and we are working through that one day at a time. 

Her manners are also greatly lacking yet baby steps….

I remain so grateful to Sam, Karen & Jane for all that they have done to help save her! 

Our 11th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction shall have all monies raised go towards her mounting Vet Bills. Auction ends Thursday November 29th @ 9 PM EST

Bills To Date: $645.33

Our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction now has 109 amazing items up for bids!

We have just added our last wonderful 12 items!

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Thank you’s extended once more FROM our hearts to Kimberly, Jan & Uta for their lovely donations!

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For anyone that may have an item to donate, please do email contactbhrr@gmail.com It is not too late to consider our cause. All monies raised shall go to the emaciated/severely neglected GD BHRR’s Char!

We remain so devastated that we could not save BHRR’s Bane yet are hoping that you may continue to consider supporting our rescue efforts so that we can help BHRR’s Char.


Our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction now has 86 amazing items up for bids!

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**NOTE: PLEASE note the pick up area(s) for any items you may be interested in. NOT all items can be shipped!**

For anyone that may have an item to donate, please do email contactbhrr@gmail.com It is not too late to consider our cause. All monies raised shall go to the emaciated/severely neglected GD that arrived on last week!

BHRR’s Char weighs just under 80 pounds and though she may be emaciated plus on antibiotics for healing wounds etc., she is absolutely stunning!

BHRR’s Char, our newest BBBBB was at the Vet Today.

Yes, that is a scar on her face from some past trauma and she has many scars on her body. Does not detract from her stunning beauty though! 

She now weighs 79.2 pounds!

She has put on significant weight since she was first rescued and needs at this time – for her current age ~12-15 months and body frame – about another 20 pounds of muscle mass/weight gain. 

She did so well for her exam, especially for a Dane that recently could not even be touched. 

We could not get a great look in her mouth or ears yet nothing was alarming with what was seen and as she settles, her Vet will be able to examine her even more thoroughly. 

She has been placed on antibiotics for the wounds on her feet and we do not want her to develop any behavioural inclination towards continuing to lick at the sores. So, she wears a cone and we have Cortavance Spray to help with soothing the area’s. 

We did a more detailed blood panel on her today and it came back with great results! Once she has put on more weight plus muscle mass and is less stressed/anxious, she will be spayed.

To date, she has been tested for heartworm plus tickborne diseases, had pre-op blood work done, a fecal done, was de-wormed twice and we are de-worming again, was treated for fleas and shall remain on flea medication, has been placed on tick and heartworm meds, has been microchipped etc.

Her Vet noted in her records that it states that she was actually hit by a train and not a vehicle that caused that leg injury. This poor girl certainly has gone through a lot in her life. 

Her leash manners basically are non-existent and that will all change. 

She does some inappropriate displays of behaviour such as barking twice in the car on the drive in to get people to notice her plus in her run at the Hospital. 

She has anxiety mixed into the mix and a reminder to all to remember about a reactive dog is that they are not trying to give us a hard time, they are trying to tell us they are having a hard time. 

I called Sean and he left work early – Gosh, how I LOVE that man! – to pick her up and bring her home so that she did not have to stay any longer than necessary.

She is excellent in her colossal crate at home and her rehab journey is just beginning…

Her personality is vast like the universe and she has already determined that she is to be integrated with the other dogs! She is a force to be reckoned with this one and not going to be for the faint of heart! 

She is already working to keep me on my toes and I absolutely am loving every minute! ?

Just a reminder that our 11th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction is running and all money raised shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills.

We currently have 74 WOW items up for grabs!

Please pay attention to the pick-up location(s) as NOT all items can be shipped – and to bid!

We will continue to try and add items daily! Please do email contactbhrr@gmail.com if you may consider BHRR’s Char’s cause to support and wish to donate an item! 

Vet Bills To Date: $645.33


BHRR’s Bowen along with the newest addition taking a walk about!

He has completely taken her under his wing…if anyone understands what it is like to be severely neglected, BHRR’s Bowen does….

He is scheduled for his next recheck on Friday and then is scheduled to have his next surgery on the 28th. We continue to forward on all documentation to the SPCA of Welland. He has an investigator assigned to his case. 

I do not believe our newest beauty is 18 months of age. I believe that she is younger. Once she settles more, I will get a good look at her molars etc. 

She makes my heart just pitter patter. She is so precious and to think that someone would knowingly chain her up outside and starve her is so heart breaking. This young lady already had a prior history of being hit by a car and the locale humane society paid to fix her leg. 

A special shout out to Karen plus Samantha of Coffee County AC plus to Just Paws for tagging us to assist her! 

Thank you to each and every angel that helped transport her, to those that overnighted her on Friday, to Sandy for overnighting her last night AND also for your generous donation of that lovely coat to help cover up that poor emaciated body in this cold. 

To whomever gave her that cute collar, THANK YOU! 

AND here is the link to our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction to help with her bills. Currently, we have 70 items up for bidding! 

All money raised shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills. She is back at the Vet on Tuesday. She has lick granuloma’s, we want a re-weigh and to do a more detailed blood panel on her etc.

The progress this girl has already made has been amazing! Just amazing! When she was first rescued, she could not be touched at all……and the weight gain she has already had. YOU go sweet girl!

She is still nameless…so keep the great name suggestions coming! 

Got her! 

I finally get to put my loving hands on her!

She will need a name also! Name guru’s?! 

More soon as there are so many to thank and my first post went MIA! 

Not the best pics yet here she is! 

AND here is the link to our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction to help with her bills. Currently, we have 53 items up for bidding! 














This gorgeous picture was take by Sandy who so kindly did one of her overnights!

THANK you also to Sandy for her generous donations towards our 11th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction whereby all monies raised will go towards her care. 

Per Sandy, she was incredible with their dogs, loved to play and even sat on their laps! Well, that sounds like a true GD! 

A photo courtesy of Holly taken on one of her legs of her transport!

I have been hearing how sweet and smitten people are with her. 

AND she is on her way….

The severely neglected/emaciated ~18 month old Female Great Dane. Where once she could not even be touched, amazing progress has been made – Thanks Karen, Jane & Samantha for all you have done for her! – and she has put on significant weight.

She had been chained up outside and starved. 

Last weight was just over 80 pounds. 

Safe travels pretty girl….I cannot wait to meet you. 


Vet Bills To Date: $230

We wanted to share that this poor female Dane is the next one in urgent need of BHRR.

She was chained up outside and brutally starved after being sold. She is barely 18 months of age, horribly emaciated, extremely terrified and we are working with two other organisations to get her safely to BHRR.

Being an unspayed female, we do also have to worry about a possible pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard enough on a healthy dog yet we know firsthand how hard it is on an emaciated dog and the last two Rescue litters we had to whelp, were to badly emaciated danes.

I had noted a leg injury and was told that prior to going to this home, she had been hit by a car in her previous home and that her local humane society paid for the repair.

I am also told that she was one of many dogs kept in such deplorable condition on the property.

Poor girl…. 

Thank you to Just Paws & to Coffee County AC for all that they do! Feel truly fortunate to be working with you both.