BHRR’s Char
Today, she was up another 3.6 kgs(7.92 pounds) and weighed 87.12 pounds. She is now healthy enough to spay! 
With her body frame/structure and current young age, she should ideally be around 100 pounds and she has put on so much muscle mass/weight from when she was first rescued from being chained up outside in the mud. WTG!
While thin, you are no longer emaciated.
We had a plan in place based upon her past understandable anxiety/stress at work when she was first there yet other than a few ‘uhmm hey, I want attention’ barks, she was magnificent!
Calm, settled, happy and exhibited minimal stress. BHRR’s Char, the progress that you have made in your rehab journey to date has many of us beaming hugely!
I knew you would be greatly improved and relaxed as you have come to trust, yet today, you were beyond a rock star, you were a super star! My heart just burst open with such incredible pride over how far you have already come. You are really something amazing and we will keep showing you daily that there are a lot of helping hands to love on you and there shall never be any hurting hands in your present or future. 
You are learning to like yourself and from there, you will come to love yourself. You are self-soothing plus self-comforting in such a positive balanced manner and needing to do less and less of it!
A lovable personality filled goof to all but the surgeon…you were a bit nervous, made a few soft growls yet thumbs up to you!!!
Her Vet got a thorough look in her ears and we were able to really see the damage to those front legs from when she was hit by a transport. So brutal…poor girl.
Her spay went great and thanks again to all of the angels that donated, shared and/or participated in our recent 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction!
Sadly, we still have bids of $115 outstanding, two winners and we continue to follow-up….this is an enormous amount of money for us and BHRR’s Char’s Bills are now almost $1,800. 
AND she still has more Vetting to be done including Vaccines.
AND I want to shout out big time to the KAH lovelies for taking such fabu care of her today!!!