BHRR’s Colt

This is adoption #416 for BHRR. Small & mighty we remain, 23+ years later. Focusing on the next one in need of us with each and every rescue.

BHRR’s Colt – you are right where I had hoped you would end up for when I learned the truly devastating news that BHRR’s Capone – adopted in 2017 – was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in late 2018, my heart broke for his Approved adoptive home and for all of us that adored him – I had stated to Sean(not a word said to this home for when they were ready they could reach out to us) that this is the home I wanted BHRR’s Colt in.

If/when said home was ready & if BHRR’s Colt was still with us, then we could talk more.

How cruel the fates were to steal BHRR’s Capone away so soon after he was adopted, yet, if you believe in fate also dealing some kindness, BHRR’s Colt is now where I feel he should be, in this BHRR Approved home! 

That they would seek to adopt from BHRR again is special, that they would be so patient as we had to reschedule this home-visit is very understanding, that they would be open to meeting who I believe was such a strong great match for their home is humbling for they felt I got it so right the first time – they had been interested in a couple of other Danes when they first reached out in 2017, and they are wonderful dogs, yet not meant as good starter Danes. 

This home gave BHRR’s Capone such an amazing life and tonight I was able to see even more pictures and have shared with me loving stories plus memories of him. The gift that was given to this home – charcoal portrait of BHRR’s Capone – is stunning. That
boy was so loved….so cherished and so missed.

No dog can ever replace another yet BHRR’s Colt will make his own big amazing paw prints in their hearts and they will give him an equally outstanding life.

Thank you to this fabu home for going through the adoption process again plus for everything you did for BHRR’s Capone.

BHRR’s Colt, I am so going to miss you as is your emerge temp foster mama also yet I am proud of you!

You have come far my dear handsome pony snorting dear man!

Now, I make the drive home and may tomorrow bring good news re: two Danes I have been fighting to save for over two months….

BHRR’s Colt!

It is time….time to make the drive to see if this is your right matched personality fit Approved adoptive home…..

As many may not be aware, his home-visit was rescheduled from Wednesday due to the extreme white out & ice conditons that hit our area.

What many others may not know is that it is not just my area yet many outlying areas that have been tragically and dangerously affected by all of the rain and thaw and yet more rain, including freezing rain creating terrible icy conditions.

It is not just humans that are being injured. Livestock have been lost and many animals are suffering injuries, quite a few serious, including death.

We are in a huge salt plus sand shortage in my neck of the woods and our home has been using straw and our great fall back has always been kibble. So, today, over many hours with our spikes on, we laid out yet another 700+ pounds of kibble on our drive plus laneway – almost 1 km long.

We have been paying for out of our pockets and stocking up on kibble to work to make things much safer here. Straw for the fenced in areas to help with their own safety.

To all of our neighbours, friends and family who are suffering the same horrible conditions, please know we are here to lend a hand.

We will update as we can re: BHRR’s Colt’s home-visit and a possible Approved adoption.

BHRR’s Colt!

He is moving under a PENDING Adoption!

We shall update as we can.

BHRR’s Colt

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We remain so devastated that we could not save BHRR’s Bane yet are hoping that you may continue to consider supporting our rescue efforts so that we can help BHRR’s Char.



BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for over 2 decades.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 13th, 2018 to Thursday January 3rd, 2019 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Friday January 4th, 2019!

As always during this time, BHRR is available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need. We shall also network accordingly for, as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals are our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place of which sadly there are far too many out there.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

This December 24th, 2017 picture is of Mason & his Dane, Dynamo(Cookie Dough Dynamo) 

BHRR’s Colt & 6 year old Emma – they watched many a TV show together when he was emerge temp fostered! 

BHRR’s Colt!

This fine handsome amazing boy is ready to make his own special announcement!

He is ~4 years of age and so sweet, precious and loving!

He can go to a home that works part-time, ft, is semi-retired or retired or works from home. Another versatile BHRR dog! 

He travels wonderfully in the car and his leash manners, while not 100% perfect gentleman style, are mountains better than they once were! He is kind, willing to please and gentle and such a soft personality. 

He still huffs plus snorts when he is not comfortable and reassures beautifully with a soft word and/or touch.

Easy to wash and do nails plus clean ears.

Low maintenance and such a charmer!

Takes him a few moments to feel comfortable around strangers yet if you are patient, he will relax and his curiousity and social sides will see him quietly approach and want to be your friend.

He is such a kind boy….

He has been a true delight to have with us! 

He can be the only dog in an approved adoptive home or if a home already has a dog, it has to be a right matched personality fit. We have friends and so should he!

Great with dogs and he has been excellent with cats too!

We wish for him to be in a home that is not overly active or busy social butterflies. A social home for sure yet nothing over the top for him to thrive and be happy. He loves when we have small numbers of friends plus family over and he loves visiting small numbers in others homes. 

We will consider homes with children as young as 6 for him as long as said home has responsible adults plus kids. His emerge temp foster home has a 6 year old daughter. 

He is house broken, crate trained and makes an incredible best friend companion! Small walks, short hikes, cuddling watching a movie or TV show, keeping you company for trips to the Timmie’s Drive Thru, laying by your side on a dog bed while you work on the computer are all things he loves to do…..he is a true BFF! 

He loves just being around his humans, not being part of them like some Danes! 

The way he pushes his head into my side or stomach is positively adorable and endearing. 

It has taken him some time to feel comfortable asking for affection and we make sure that he is given love both when he does and does not ask….

He is a real gentle giant and Ellie White thank you again for emerge temp fostering him for us until we had a spot and thank you and Brooke again for the stunning photo’s of him!

He is an amazing dog and Meg, thank you again for asking us to help! 

For anyone interested in him, please do read his detailed blog and our adoption processes, policies plus procedures. For those who feel that they then may be approved to adopt him, you are more than welcome to submit a completed adoption application contract to members of the BHRR BOD to review. 

Good Thursday AM!

BHRR’s Colt on our drive in to KAH this AM!

I had cleaned my car over the weekend and he got to put drool and dog hair back over it! 

He gets to hang out at work all day…lucky him!

His weight is now hanging around 135 pounds. He still needs about another 10-15 pounds yet he is getting there and after battling some post-neuter complications, which caused him to drop some of his post rescue put on weight, he is back on track!

After he has his Vet Visit, we are keeping everything positively crossed that he can make his own special announcement! 

BHRR’s Colt!

This is my last post of my night!

Another great photo taken by Brooke while he was being emerge temp fostered by Elisabeth! These incredibly stunning surpise photo’s have been such a joy to me! So thankful!

Thank you also to The BHRR Bakers Dozen for continuing to lend him one of their gorgeous OnePawTwoPaw Collars….it looks amazing on him! 

Meg – ‘your’ boy looks awesome!

This handsome man shall hopefully have his own special announcement to make shortly….he is back at the Vet tomorrow and if all goes well…..stay tuned! 

BHRR’s Colt
June 2018

Another one of the amazing photo’s that his emerge temp foster Ellie White and her extremely talented friend Brooke took to wonderfully suprise me! Thank you both immensely again for such cherished pictures of such a gorgeous boy. 

Soon he will be ready to make his own special announcement!

He had some post neuter complications that are finally resolving and he had also lost a bit of weight from his post neuter recovery. For a boy that came into rescue emaciated, every pound put on is not a pound that we wished to see him drop back off yet we are gaining back well again! 

Isn’t he incredibly handsome?!

Meg – he is doing great now and what a LOVE bug! The way he just pushes his head into you, just melts your heart. Thank you very much again for reaching out to us to assist him and being a great ‘rescue partner’ 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent….it has been a very long month for us and the next two weeks do not appear to be any less so yet truly, I would not have it any other way when it means that we can help a dog in need of us!

BHRR’s Colt!
July 2018

Today he was de-twinkled, had a good nail trim, had his ears looked at while under – cleaned plus a cytology was done to be sure it was just waxy debris, had a needle biopsy on that lump on his leg and it was mostly fat cells, had his hips & knees thoroughly examined and was given a thumbs up! 

So, how he walks and stands in the hind end is mostly likely due to some poor conformation and lack of muscle mass plus tone which is improving daily. 

This boy is so chill and while still quite skittish to people he does not know, what a lovebug to those he does trust!  He will become more comfortable with others in time and with patience. He is doing fantastic. 

He is playful yet so calm and quiet when it is time, loves to bury his head into you, has the Dane lean down to a perfection and the affection he has to give, touches my soul. His eyes are full of such stories and beginning to have less confusion, worry and stress and becoming happy with a sparkle of mischievousness in them! 

He was a bit stressed upon drop-off yet I went back to his run a few times and he began to settle down well….so proud of you brave boy! 

The picture is one I took of him on July 3rd at his first vet visit. He has been living with me since July 4th when I picked him up from his emerge temp foster Mama and this boy is just WOW! 

One of the things I love most about him is his horse like blowing/huffing and snorting when he is unsure….he makes it very clear he is not 100% sure yet reassures so beautifully. 

Thank you to his lovely Vet at KAH for being so wonderful!



BHRR’s Colt & His Emerge Temp Foster Angel Ellie White
June 2018Elisabeth suprised me so beautifully this AM with some stunning photo’s of BHRR’s Colt taken by Brooke during his time with her. 

They are gorgeous and this one I thought was incredibly beautiful of them both….for if it were not for Elisabeth stepping up when we posted for an urgent request….this boy’s future would not be one of such promise and hope and of a great life ahead of him…..
BHRR’s Colt has been living with me since July 4th when I picked him up from Elisabeth and there is not one day that does not go by that I do not feel such gratitude and thanks for all that she did for him/BHRR!Thank you!

I truly love this photo! Just love it!

Fostering saves lives…it makes a life/death difference.

BHRR’s Colt!
July 2018
His emerge temp foster Mama gave him a bath at one of the DIYS Dog Washes!

This picture is the best!

He was at KAH yesterday and weighed 60.4 kgs(132.88 pounds)

He was understandably nervous yet was very brave. it was awesome to see him again!

Heart and lungs given a thumbs up! Eyes look good, temperature normal and he was so good about doing bloodwork for his pre-op and also heartworm/tickborne disease testing.

With how naturally worried he was, it was not possible for his Vet to get a good examination on his hind end(BHRR’s Singe was the same way the first time he went in!) nor to properly investigate that lump on his back right leg. 

He also has a bit of a hygroma on his one front elbow.

Things that his Vet was not overly concerned about right now and we would be back in a month and he will be just that much more comfortable. We shall also look better in his mouth next time to see if he needs any requied dental work.

AND when he is under for his Neuter, his Vet said we could take the lump off at that time if necessary. 

We will monitor it and if it gets larger etc., we will get him back in ASAP. 

He had his first vaccines and was deeply admired by many! He was put on preventative/proactive de-worming, flea/tick plus heartworm protection when he first arrived. 

He has proven to be good with his emerge temp foster mama’s cats, other foster dog through another rescue, people and loves kids. She has a young child herself. 

We shall continue to work on those leash manners AND he is putting that much needed weight on and we will keep building up his muscle mass/tone. 

To his emerge temp foster Mama…thank you for keeping him safe since I dropped him off to you last Wednesday night and I will see you both tonight! 

LOVE this picture that Ellie White sent! Just LOVE it!

Another awesome picture taken by Elisabeth! 

He is so much more relaxed and calm and happy! 

BHRR’s Colt says Happy Canada  Day!

He is doing so well with Elisabeth, his emerge temp foster Mama!

The more he settles in, the more comfortable he is becoming and he is proving to be great with people and demonstrating a lovely interest in dogs on walks – no direct interactions as of yet yet no negative or reactive behaviours witnessed – and the one cat he saw out and about had him doing his nervous horse ‘huff and snort’.

I am being told the squirrels get him all excited  and day by day his leash manners are improving.

He has not yet been introduced to Elisabeth’s own cats yet even when I had dropped him off he had zero fixation on their scent.

He appears to love Elisabeth’s dad when he has come over and has done wonderfully with her young daughter.

He was nervous of the storms and fireworks that came through last night yet I am told that he managed well.

I am loving the great updates being sent my way and he is eating fantastic plus his SA is rehabbing wonderfully.

He is booked in at KAH for July 3rd and looking forward to seeing him again! 

Here is a great picture of the handsome man taken by Ellie White and we are also going to take this opportunity to send out a gentle reminder to all to please watch your pets with this extreme heat.

Today, my area is going up to 49 degrees and no Pet should be out in these brutal temps.

Make sure that fresh water is readily available and even at night with these record breaking temps, be mindful of their paws for they can burn in mere moments.

Thank you again to Meg and Elizabeth for helping us to save BHRR’s Colt!


AND I am now on my way home….successful drop-off at his emerge temp foster home! 

By the time I arrived, I could take off the old smelly leash and attach him to my nice new red one for him. AND by the time I left about one hour plus later from the emerge temp foster, I was able with Ellie’s distraction to get the martingale on him – borrowed from one of our Bakers Dozen – as the collar he hadon was not on right and was super loose plus was a quick release buckle and he is a huge flight risk.

Both his emerge temp foster mom and I breathed so much easier when we accomplished that. 

By the time I left, we both could pet and stroke him and we were getting some nice tail wags and he had many pees plus a poop plus ate some treats!

He shall settle in completely fine and looking forward to the updates on him and with his ‘horse like snorts’, I agree with Ellie – he needs a horse type name….perhaps! 

I am now on my way home….I worked a full day at the Hospital, then have been on the road over 5 hours doing this urgent rescue and I have yet to even eat any dinner! 

AND for those who do not think rescuers make sacrifices to do these urgent saves, today was my son’s high school graduation and I was not there….for those who wish to judge the rescuers who do things the right way and have dedicated their lives to helping those who cannot speak for themselves, please know it is not only sleep we give up….it is precious never to have quality time with family plus friends. 

Reputable/quality rescue is not easy.

Wishing all of our friends, family plus supporters, a good night and thank you again to Meg plus Elisabeth for helping us save this boy! 



Got the Great Dane!

Thanks Meg for everything and Ellie, I am now on my way to you!

Crappy weather, crappy driving yet this boy is now SAFE! Makes all the worry plus stress fade away knowing he is safe…..

So skittish and very afraid, poor boy…skinny and we have to investigate that hind end.

He shall NEVER spend another day or night tied up outside…..

A picture of the Dane in need tied up outside at his current location.


We have been contacted to assist a Great Dane in HUGE urgent need. 
Time is of the absolute essence.

We are seeking any of our already BHRR approved temp foster homes for an emerge temp foster situation for several days and yes, we are aware that this is the Canada long weekend yet we are still hoping! We are working on mobilising fast.

NOTE: if you are an approved BHRR adoptive home, you are also an approved Volunteer.

For any of our ALREADY approved BHRR homes, if you are able to open up your home for a few days to assist, please do email ASAP!

We provide everything – food, bed, stand, collar, leash etc., we just need someone to provide a safe place for a few days! NO more than a week!

We will consider any of our BHRR approved homes from the Oshawa to Montreal area if they can help!

*More details will be shared via email. We will not post on our public fb page any specifics.*