BHRR’s Char, our newest BBBBB was at the Vet Today.

Yes, that is a scar on her face from some past trauma and she has many scars on her body. Does not detract from her stunning beauty though! 

She now weighs 79.2 pounds!

She has put on significant weight since she was first rescued and needs at this time – for her current age ~12-15 months and body frame – about another 20 pounds of muscle mass/weight gain. 

She did so well for her exam, especially for a Dane that recently could not even be touched. 

We could not get a great look in her mouth or ears yet nothing was alarming with what was seen and as she settles, her Vet will be able to examine her even more thoroughly. 

She has been placed on antibiotics for the wounds on her feet and we do not want her to develop any behavioural inclination towards continuing to lick at the sores. So, she wears a cone and we have Cortavance Spray to help with soothing the area’s. 

We did a more detailed blood panel on her today and it came back with great results! Once she has put on more weight plus muscle mass and is less stressed/anxious, she will be spayed.

To date, she has been tested for heartworm plus tickborne diseases, had pre-op blood work done, a fecal done, was de-wormed twice and we are de-worming again, was treated for fleas and shall remain on flea medication, has been placed on tick and heartworm meds, has been microchipped etc.

Her Vet noted in her records that it states that she was actually hit by a train and not a vehicle that caused that leg injury. This poor girl certainly has gone through a lot in her life. 

Her leash manners basically are non-existent and that will all change. 

She does some inappropriate displays of behaviour such as barking twice in the car on the drive in to get people to notice her plus in her run at the Hospital. 

She has anxiety mixed into the mix and a reminder to all to remember about a reactive dog is that they are not trying to give us a hard time, they are trying to tell us they are having a hard time. 

I called Sean and he left work early – Gosh, how I LOVE that man! – to pick her up and bring her home so that she did not have to stay any longer than necessary.

She is excellent in her colossal crate at home and her rehab journey is just beginning…

Her personality is vast like the universe and she has already determined that she is to be integrated with the other dogs! She is a force to be reckoned with this one and not going to be for the faint of heart! 

She is already working to keep me on my toes and I absolutely am loving every minute! ?

Just a reminder that our 11th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction is running and all money raised shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills.

We currently have 74 WOW items up for grabs!

Please pay attention to the pick-up location(s) as NOT all items can be shipped – and to bid!

We will continue to try and add items daily! Please do email if you may consider BHRR’s Char’s cause to support and wish to donate an item! 

Vet Bills To Date: $645.33