BHRR’s Limerick is ADOPTED!

Thank you again to this really great home in hosting us today and to their four feline family members also! 🙂

Thank you to Elizabeth for her assistance at this home-visit too!

BHRR’s Limerick! You are night and day from what you were like when you first arrived! You are now a pleasantly ever so slightly plump 99.88 pounds, curious, social, playful, affectionate, not much fazes you and you are so dear to so many! I love your quirkiness!!

You rocked your obedience and today you proved that the busy streets and buses are truly nothing to worry about! You did not have one care in the world as you sniffed your way around all of the fabu smells the city has to offer!

You are gracious, gentle and you took a crime of opportunity to show your incredible mischievous side by stealing an oatmeal waffle!! 😀 :p You are a stunning blue beauty girl inside and out!

I love your big personality! I love your heart and how you slowly let me into your world of fear, anxiety and stress plus confusion so we could walk together showing you that you can like yourself, self-soothe, that hands are here to help and that you can trust & love again…..

Thank you for gifting me with your deep loyalty, big beautiful heart and giving me the trust that allowed me to help you so that you can now stand in your forever loving adoptive home and say ‘I am worthy…..I am deserving and I am important!’ For you are! You are so deserving and worthy of all the best this vast world has to offer! You are very important!

You hold your head up, you tilt your head as you tend to do with that endearing ear of yours and you shine!!

A big light has now left my home yet you are going to bring so much happiness to your adoptive home!! You will keep them on their toes, give them adventures and experiences and in turn they will protect you, love you as much as we do plus give you your own adventures!!

Miss you already yet gosh….I am beaming! Took 6 months but that right matched forever loving family found you! They were smitten with you at our February BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house and in mid March they applied to adopt you and you are now home!!

Congrats to all!!



AND we are on our way! BHRR’s Limerick’s home-visit is today!

We will update as we can!

Someone seems very happy to have yet another Winter Wonderland Day! The now a bit plump BHRR’s Limerick – trying to blend into the tree trunk!

This nasty spring storm began late afternoon yesterday and appears it shall not be stopping until tomorrow AM.

On a side note: We have rescheduled the professional photo’s for BHRR’s Rickards & BHRR’s Giselle to next Wednesday and BHRR’s Limericks’ home-visit has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Like many, I often have to drive in terrible nasty horrible weather (December’s home-visit of Puppy Pile BHRR’s Corbin’s in New Market will stay with me for a long time) & also when extremely unwell(BHRR’s Baby Kaos’ home-visit in February in Owen Sound with zero voice to boot!) and I well understand how bad the roads can be……

I work hard to put these home-visits as a priority over myself yet safety for my dogs will always be the most important. So, last night & today, we are staying extremely close to home……yet, for those having to be on the roads today, do be careful!

The Home-Visit for BHRR’s Limerick’s possible approved Adoption was post-phoned from yesterday (Sunday March 26th) due to freezing rain.

It has now been rescheduled to Thursday March 31st @ 6:30 PM and we shall post an update as we can.

This stunning blue beauty is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

BHRR’s Limerick!

We shall post updates as we can!

We know many have been patiently….or, not so patiently waiting!!!

Here is the THIRD instalment of our 2016 Traditional December 24th XMAS Eve Photo’s!

As most dogs remain in their approved Temp Fosters, not all doggies could have their photo’s done BUT, we got those that we could! We will be posting over the next few days over 50 photo’s of BHRR doggies & a few of our own!

We have had quite a few come back for the Holidays as their families are travelling.

ALWAYS a blast for us at BHRR!

We cannot SHOUT out enough big thanks of our deepest appreciation to ALL those that stepped up to be part of our 14th ANNUAL SS to the BHRR dogs!

Another amazing successful year THANKS to so many angels that made it possible!!!

We only had 1 person not send their SS’s yet, as we had other kind plus thoughtful generous people send extra goodies to help cover any that were missed, we are so BLESSED to say that, each BHRR dog had something special to call their own this XMAS!!!

Many of these dogs are experiencing their very first XMAS of love, shelter, with enough food and, tons of helping hands, not hurtful or neglectful ones…. THANK you’s being sent out again to every wonderful and lovely Secret Santa that made this possible!!!

I am inspired by your caring, giving and, incredibly beautiful hearts!!! A million thank you’s being sent again!

img_4189 img_4202


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for 2 decades.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Friday December 16th, 2016 to Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Wednesday January 4th, 2017!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

Gentle Reminder!

We are at Pet Valu Hazdeldean this Saturday November 26th from 10 AM – 4 PM for our last community education and public awareness event of 2016!

We are looking at bringing BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Whisper for our famous Red Carpet Pooch Smooch Sessions!

We will be doing nails, ear cleanings and dog baths – ALL inside too!

More details in poster!



BHRR’s Baby Kaos is getting ready for Halloween! Not Yet Available For Adoption!

Remember to have safe Halloween practises for a happy Halloween for pets & kids!

NOTE: BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve adoptions from Monday the 24th of October to Tuesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.


BHRR’s Limerick is ready to make her own special announcement!


Many will remember this blue beauty for back in May of this year, she was posted all over social media as people came together sharing her in the hopes that her loving owner(s) were out there looking for her.

In the meantime, BHRR was asked to assist her and I committed immediately and picked her up May 29th.

She was scared, no doubt about it. Anxious, stressed and needing muscle toning, muscle mass and suspected strongly of recently having had puppies. She had *rub marks on tail and rump almost indicative of being in a crate for prolonged periods and her elbows had not seen many soft surfaces.

Well, no one stepped forward and we fast forward through months of rehab of building up her confidence, not encouraging any SA behaviours for she clearly had a feeling of abandonment about her and keeping her in *check* when the *turkey bullying* came out.

For she learned quite fast that if she pushed and shoved her way around some of the other dogs, that they gave into her and this encouraged her to keep doing it. Then she found her voice…and the inappropriate attention seeking began. She wanted it all on her terms and that is not how it works. 😉

She then learned that not all dogs were going to let her push them around, ie BHRR’s Maple and with BHRR’s Maple standing and just looking at her did more to positively correct her in an instant than us humans did in days of training. :p BHRR’s Limerick quickly began to respect the space and boundaries of others. BHRR’s Limerick still gets jealous yet she has come a long way in manners, obedience and sharing!

She will always be a bit quirky, and that is ok! In that right matched forever loving home, an experienced one, not necessarily a Dane one, BHRR’s Limerick shall continue to blossom and flourish. She is such a ham! A true gal of sassy and sugar!

She is great with other dogs, people – just give her a couple of moments to check things out yet at her professional photo shoot on the 14th, she was out of the car and right up to Julie and into her space wanting love! LOL

As long as BHRR’s Limerick has her friend network of dogs to interact with to keep her being social that is what is important.

She travels wonderfully in a car, is housebroken, crate trained and can go to a home with or without another right matched personality fit dog. She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired etc. for she is yet another versatile BHRR dog!

Cats are unknown.

If movements are fast and flighty, she does get nervous and will step back and sometimes give a bark….she is not sure about what is happening and when you say ‘you are ok’ or ‘you are just fine’, she comes right up to you and tail wags more confidently and with happiness. She needs someone to not baby her yet understand that she is unsure at times and how we handle it is how she reacts. If we are ok and good with it and demonstrate that, so is she. We treat everything as no big deal and so does she as she responds beautifully to our reactions.

We are family of *hand talkers* and she has come a long way with fast flighty hand movements with that! 😀

I have a soft spot for this beautiful blue…..she truly deserved so much better than being dumped in a remote area of a forest, in the scorching heat of a long weekend time frame. 🙁

I will forever be grateful to the people that remained patient plus persistent in making sure that she was caught……she would have otherwise died out there. That is no drama filled statement. She was already dehydrating and losing weight.

She is another diamond in the rough….her loyalty once you have her trust is humbling. The way that she looks at me, makes me feel like I am doing right by her…..and my promise to her and all the dogs is that I will continue to do right by them.

Ms. Personality Plus Filled BHRR’s Limerick, you did it girl! You are ready for that right matched forever loving home to find you!

Thank you to Liz for the stunning photo’s and to Julie for the extra loving hands at this photo shoot! BHRR’s Limerick, that one flying nun ear of yours makes me smile so much!

img_2044 limerick2

Today, we have two BHRR lovelies getting their professional photo’s done!

This is BHRR’s Maple and also BHRR’s Limerick!

Once their professional photo’s are then in, they shall be ready to make their special announcements!

BHRR’s Maple on the left and BHRR’s Limerick on the right!

14364791_1125323667534463_8452884168146628628_n 14372045_1125446304188866_8890922066347003913_o


*CORRECTION: Location Address is: 5919 PERTH STREET, Richmond, Ontario*

Our next microchip clinic is being hosted with Dr. Zak at Pet Valu Richmond on Saturday September 10th!

Dr. Zak has now been with us for 8 microchip clinics to date and this is #9!
*No appointments necessary
*We are inside so rain or shine!
*10 AM – 4 PM

Our accreditation per CVO requirements to host this microchip clinic shall also be posted.

We shall also be doing dog baths, ear cleanings, nails for cats & dogs and will have some merchandise for sale! Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! More details in poster.

All monies raised shall go towards helping to pay off the bills for BHRR’s Dyson’s partial tail amputation that is scheduled for September 8th.

BHRR has been precedent setting/instrumental over the past almost 10 years with our Microchip Clinics in our efforts of having more dogs/cats hopefully find their way home should they become lost or stolen by being chipped.

IMG_1494 CVO_Temporary_Facility_Certificate (1)

Guess who?! This uber handsome blue Great Dane is BHRR’s Rubble!

He came to work today to be de-twinkled! Sean dropped BHRR’s Limerick and BHRR’s Maple off earlier in the day for their own spays.

BHRR’s Rubble has put on another 22 pounds of awesome solid muscle mass and weight!! Well done!! He looks incredible!! He now weighs 140.80 pounds. 🙂

BHRR’s Maple has put on another 6 plus pounds herself!

All their spays and his neuter went well and BHRR’s Rubble had one testicle that was underdeveloped yet nothing abnormal that the Vet felt it needed to be sent off to histiopathology.

Great news for BHRR’s Limerick, her knees look good! Her hips seem to be the source of her gaiting the way she is and she shall be monitored as she builds up more muscle mass plus strength. 🙂

All are now at home resting!

In a couple of weeks time, they all should be ready to make their special announcements! They have all come so far since they came into rescue and all three will need those right matched adoptive homes that shall continue to build upon the strong foundations we have been laying here for them. Each of these dogs are a true gift!!

Good night wishes from our home to yours!



BHRR’s Limerick, BHRR’s Rubble & BHRR’s Maple are all scheduled to be altered on August 4th.

From there, we will see how BHRR’s Limerick’s knees and hips are doing.

AND not long after these alters, BHRR’s Rubble and BHRR’s Maple should be ready to make their special announcements!

We are just 5 SLEEPIES away to our biggest Fundraiser Event of the year. 🙂 July 10th!

Thank you to everyone that is making this a most promising and exciting event again for 2016!

What has traditionally been the largest microchip fundraiser in Canada!

Kanata Animal Hospital’s 9th ANNUAL Microchip, Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!

There shall also be ear cleaning, a silent auction table, baked goodies for humans, doggie treats, Canine Water Wellness shall be there, Pet Valu shall have our dog cooling/treat station again in 2016, Pet photography, Face-painting and so much more!

Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! 😀

No appointments necessary!
Rain or Shine!
9 AM – 4 PM
440 Hazeldean Road

Here is an update on what we are still needing:

BHRR is in search of the following items for our event for 2016!!!
Thank you in advance for any consideration!!
1) Volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities, work, friends, family, neighbours etc. Please email
2) Donations of pop, bottled water, & small bags of chips.
3) NEED DRAW PRIZES! Please email
4) Bags of ICE! ICE! ICE!
5) Silent Auction Items
6) Human Bakers
7) Dog Treat Bakers
8) Gift cards – please email
9) Coolers to borrow for pop/juice/ice
10) Tables
11) Chairs
12) 1 more Tent – I have three, PV Stittville will have one, CWW will have one, Doogie will have one, The Maracle Family will have one.
***This event is such a great time!***

Here is the Facebook Event Page to join and stay updated! 🙂

microchip2016 (Medium)

Does anybody recognise this blue beauty!? She arrived to BHRR May 29th!

This is BHRR’s Limerick!

She and BHRR’s Gentle Jake were at KAH tonight.

BHRR’s Gentle Jake had his updated rabies done and is up another 11 pounds!! 129.14 pounds now. Wtg! The scale still makes him want to ‘throw’ his weight around and we worked through it and he learned that he is ok still. 🙂 He remains Available For Adoption!

BHRR’s Limerick had her second booster, re-visited her skin which her coat is looking much more shiny and glossy, had her ears looked at closely, heart and lungs checked out again, and we did an u/s probe to see if she was pregnant or still a possible false pregnancy. No babies seen in the ultrasound. Her weight was up also and we were able to get a better exam on hips, knees and that toe of hers.

When she is able to be spayed, we will do x-Ray’s and get an even better exam yet I strongly suspect HD and cruciate issues, the poor thing and her one back toe may need to be amputated due to past trauma.

We remain committed and dedicated to her care and what she needs she will have!

On a side note, she blew everyone out of the water at our June 26th, Mini ‘EXPERIENCE’ open house!!! She was more than ready to mix and mingle and I let her tell me how she felt. She made it clear she wanted to be with the 31 people in attendance and while a bit unsure here and there, one butt scratch and rub from people and she was like ‘oh yeah, we are totally going to be great friends!’

This extremely fear reactive Dane that first arrived to BHRR was ruling the day and she is only going to get better! People approached her properly and were so kind and loving!

BHRR’s Mama Great Dane Eve also blew it out of the park!! She made it clear that she also wanted to socialise and OMG! That terrified Dane from December when she first arrived and also in February is no longer! She gracefully went from person to person and when she got her own rump rubs, she was ‘won’ over!

AND BHRR’s Skye, was chilling and relaxing herself!! Not one fear growl or anxiety shown.

So so so so proud of my girls……they have been smokin’ their individualised rehab programs and I literally had tears in my eyes with how fabu they were and the great day they had and seeing how much the world does have to offer in gentle caring spoiling hands and experiences!

We want to thank everyone that came out on Sunday and for all the donations and for making our last ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house for 2016 the best! AND man! Despite two a/c’s pumping, it was HOT! 😀 24 tired yet happy dogs also that night!














UPDATE: This blue Great Dane that was picked up on May 26th in Limerick Forest and shared across many social media outlets, is now safe in our Great Dane Rescue. One of the Angels that found her reached out to our Great Dane Rescue again Saturday, this time asking for further assistance. This Dane has clear fear aggression issues and anxiety issues right now.

Proper due diligence will continued to be shown in the hopes that she has a loving owner looking for her. In the mean-time our Great Dane Rescue will proactively and preventatively de-worm her and do a fecal which is always part of our protocols.

She was at my Vet Hospital tonight and weighed about 42 Kgs(92.4 pounds)….she was nervous of the scale. She needs a good 10-15 pounds of muscle mass and weight to be put on. When she was first picked up she was dehydrated and all signs of dehydration are now gone thanks to her rescue Angels…Lisa, Tanya and the others that they work with – it was the Ministry of Forestry that found her as they were working in that area…..

She was placed on Revolution tonight. She had pre-op bloodwork done including a heartworm / tickborne disease testing – so we can be sure she is healthy and also in Prep should she not have a loving owner out there – a spay and skin tag removal if necessary and further possible surgical investigation on a possible area around her one teat(we were told she had been taken to one vet who looked at it and was not concerned and neither is her Vet at KAH right now) and microchip her as we do with all of the BHRR dogs. We also began her vaccines. She had a thorough exam and did so well! Any and all medical care she needs she will get as with any of our dogs. Under anaesthetic we will better exam and x-Ray if need be, her hips and knees as there is a ‘clicking’ sound when she walks and is a bit stiff in her hind end. This will improve as she gains strength and muscle.

They were calling her ‘Limerick’ so she is BHRR’s Limerick now. 🙂

She will have a detailed blog telling her story of her wonderful rescue by such kind people and her journey…..

We are not giving up hope yet, that she truly does have a loving owner. Her body tells us one story – babies fairly recently or a false pregnancy – calloused elbows and also sizeable callouses found on the sides of her back feet, needs a bit of weight, probably 2/2.5 years of age, was kept in a confined space for some time due to the rub marks and lack of hair on tail and top of head and had lack of soft bedding……quite fearful more of men than women. She has all of these scabs on her chest too.

She is a well proportioned beautiful blue female Great Dane, smaller than many females yet no ‘teacup’ Dane either…..and her ears are da bomb!! Love her ears!!

I had to loop the leash around her neck when I picked her up on Sunday as the beautiful collar Lisa gave for her, was too loose and she was at high risk of slipping it.

She and I are good friends now, she follows me and watches me and like many Danes has bonded fast…..where when she first met me Sunday – she was in the house, naturally reactive with her fear and I arrived and was first seen on the other side of the screen door, she wanted to eat me…half an hour in Lisa’s backyard with treats and patience and she gave me trust.

My clothes are now covered in her awesome slobber!

This picture is from our ride home from Kanata Animal Hospital tonight. She is so lovely….

For anyone wishes to donate to her Vet bills, she has an account set up at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under ‘Limerick’ under the Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services account.

OR you can email transfer to

OR via PayPal to


On May 28th, I received an email from one of her rescue angels asking if our local Great Dane Rescue could bring her into our program. We were more than happy to step-up to assist. Arrangements were made for me to pick her up on Sunday the 29th of May.


On May 26th, I was alerted to a post on a local Vet Hospital’s facebook page re: a blue female GD found in Limerick.

Later that day, I was contacted by one of the angels that found her and then again later that day by another angel that found her.

Limerick is one of the fav places that our 20.5+ year well established GD/Giant Walking/Hiking Group frequents and as the local Great Dane Rescue, we networked far and wide to help get the word out in case this lovely gem had a owner looking for her.

She had no chip, no collar and no tat. She was mildly dehydrated, a bit thin yet overall in good physical health.

13268265_1111081645619036_6986182119746717023_o 13277922_10157018918540038_1155921868_n