BHRR’s Limerick is ready to make her own special announcement!


Many will remember this blue beauty for back in May of this year, she was posted all over social media as people came together sharing her in the hopes that her loving owner(s) were out there looking for her.

In the meantime, BHRR was asked to assist her and I committed immediately and picked her up May 29th.

She was scared, no doubt about it. Anxious, stressed and needing muscle toning, muscle mass and suspected strongly of recently having had puppies. She had *rub marks on tail and rump almost indicative of being in a crate for prolonged periods and her elbows had not seen many soft surfaces.

Well, no one stepped forward and we fast forward through months of rehab of building up her confidence, not encouraging any SA behaviours for she clearly had a feeling of abandonment about her and keeping her in *check* when the *turkey bullying* came out.

For she learned quite fast that if she pushed and shoved her way around some of the other dogs, that they gave into her and this encouraged her to keep doing it. Then she found her voice…and the inappropriate attention seeking began. She wanted it all on her terms and that is not how it works. 😉

She then learned that not all dogs were going to let her push them around, ie BHRR’s Maple and with BHRR’s Maple standing and just looking at her did more to positively correct her in an instant than us humans did in days of training. :p BHRR’s Limerick quickly began to respect the space and boundaries of others. BHRR’s Limerick still gets jealous yet she has come a long way in manners, obedience and sharing!

She will always be a bit quirky, and that is ok! In that right matched forever loving home, an experienced one, not necessarily a Dane one, BHRR’s Limerick shall continue to blossom and flourish. She is such a ham! A true gal of sassy and sugar!

She is great with other dogs, people – just give her a couple of moments to check things out yet at her professional photo shoot on the 14th, she was out of the car and right up to Julie and into her space wanting love! LOL

As long as BHRR’s Limerick has her friend network of dogs to interact with to keep her being social that is what is important.

She travels wonderfully in a car, is housebroken, crate trained and can go to a home with or without another right matched personality fit dog. She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired etc. for she is yet another versatile BHRR dog!

Cats are unknown.

If movements are fast and flighty, she does get nervous and will step back and sometimes give a bark….she is not sure about what is happening and when you say ‘you are ok’ or ‘you are just fine’, she comes right up to you and tail wags more confidently and with happiness. She needs someone to not baby her yet understand that she is unsure at times and how we handle it is how she reacts. If we are ok and good with it and demonstrate that, so is she. We treat everything as no big deal and so does she as she responds beautifully to our reactions.

We are family of *hand talkers* and she has come a long way with fast flighty hand movements with that! 😀

I have a soft spot for this beautiful blue…..she truly deserved so much better than being dumped in a remote area of a forest, in the scorching heat of a long weekend time frame. 🙁

I will forever be grateful to the people that remained patient plus persistent in making sure that she was caught……she would have otherwise died out there. That is no drama filled statement. She was already dehydrating and losing weight.

She is another diamond in the rough….her loyalty once you have her trust is humbling. The way that she looks at me, makes me feel like I am doing right by her…..and my promise to her and all the dogs is that I will continue to do right by them.

Ms. Personality Plus Filled BHRR’s Limerick, you did it girl! You are ready for that right matched forever loving home to find you!

Thank you to Liz for the stunning photo’s and to Julie for the extra loving hands at this photo shoot! BHRR’s Limerick, that one flying nun ear of yours makes me smile so much!

img_2044 limerick2