BHRR’s Limerick is ADOPTED!

Thank you again to this really great home in hosting us today and to their four feline family members also! 🙂

Thank you to Elizabeth for her assistance at this home-visit too!

BHRR’s Limerick! You are night and day from what you were like when you first arrived! You are now a pleasantly ever so slightly plump 99.88 pounds, curious, social, playful, affectionate, not much fazes you and you are so dear to so many! I love your quirkiness!!

You rocked your obedience and today you proved that the busy streets and buses are truly nothing to worry about! You did not have one care in the world as you sniffed your way around all of the fabu smells the city has to offer!

You are gracious, gentle and you took a crime of opportunity to show your incredible mischievous side by stealing an oatmeal waffle!! 😀 :p You are a stunning blue beauty girl inside and out!

I love your big personality! I love your heart and how you slowly let me into your world of fear, anxiety and stress plus confusion so we could walk together showing you that you can like yourself, self-soothe, that hands are here to help and that you can trust & love again…..

Thank you for gifting me with your deep loyalty, big beautiful heart and giving me the trust that allowed me to help you so that you can now stand in your forever loving adoptive home and say ‘I am worthy…..I am deserving and I am important!’ For you are! You are so deserving and worthy of all the best this vast world has to offer! You are very important!

You hold your head up, you tilt your head as you tend to do with that endearing ear of yours and you shine!!

A big light has now left my home yet you are going to bring so much happiness to your adoptive home!! You will keep them on their toes, give them adventures and experiences and in turn they will protect you, love you as much as we do plus give you your own adventures!!

Miss you already yet gosh….I am beaming! Took 6 months but that right matched forever loving family found you! They were smitten with you at our February BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house and in mid March they applied to adopt you and you are now home!!

Congrats to all!!