UPDATE: This blue Great Dane that was picked up on May 26th in Limerick Forest and shared across many social media outlets, is now safe in our Great Dane Rescue. One of the Angels that found her reached out to our Great Dane Rescue again Saturday, this time asking for further assistance. This Dane has clear fear aggression issues and anxiety issues right now.

Proper due diligence will continued to be shown in the hopes that she has a loving owner looking for her. In the mean-time our Great Dane Rescue will proactively and preventatively de-worm her and do a fecal which is always part of our protocols.

She was at my Vet Hospital tonight and weighed about 42 Kgs(92.4 pounds)….she was nervous of the scale. She needs a good 10-15 pounds of muscle mass and weight to be put on. When she was first picked up she was dehydrated and all signs of dehydration are now gone thanks to her rescue Angels…Lisa, Tanya and the others that they work with – it was the Ministry of Forestry that found her as they were working in that area…..

She was placed on Revolution tonight. She had pre-op bloodwork done including a heartworm / tickborne disease testing – so we can be sure she is healthy and also in Prep should she not have a loving owner out there – a spay and skin tag removal if necessary and further possible surgical investigation on a possible area around her one teat(we were told she had been taken to one vet who looked at it and was not concerned and neither is her Vet at KAH right now) and microchip her as we do with all of the BHRR dogs. We also began her vaccines. She had a thorough exam and did so well! Any and all medical care she needs she will get as with any of our dogs. Under anaesthetic we will better exam and x-Ray if need be, her hips and knees as there is a ‘clicking’ sound when she walks and is a bit stiff in her hind end. This will improve as she gains strength and muscle.

They were calling her ‘Limerick’ so she is BHRR’s Limerick now. 🙂

She will have a detailed blog telling her story of her wonderful rescue by such kind people and her journey…..

We are not giving up hope yet, that she truly does have a loving owner. Her body tells us one story – babies fairly recently or a false pregnancy – calloused elbows and also sizeable callouses found on the sides of her back feet, needs a bit of weight, probably 2/2.5 years of age, was kept in a confined space for some time due to the rub marks and lack of hair on tail and top of head and had lack of soft bedding……quite fearful more of men than women. She has all of these scabs on her chest too.

She is a well proportioned beautiful blue female Great Dane, smaller than many females yet no ‘teacup’ Dane either…..and her ears are da bomb!! Love her ears!!

I had to loop the leash around her neck when I picked her up on Sunday as the beautiful collar Lisa gave for her, was too loose and she was at high risk of slipping it.

She and I are good friends now, she follows me and watches me and like many Danes has bonded fast…..where when she first met me Sunday – she was in the house, naturally reactive with her fear and I arrived and was first seen on the other side of the screen door, she wanted to eat me…half an hour in Lisa’s backyard with treats and patience and she gave me trust.

My clothes are now covered in her awesome slobber!

This picture is from our ride home from Kanata Animal Hospital tonight. She is so lovely….

For anyone wishes to donate to her Vet bills, she has an account set up at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under ‘Limerick’ under the Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services account.

OR you can email transfer to

OR via PayPal to