I brought Lil Linus in for his annual tonight and he weighted 59.2 KGs(130.24 pounds); which I am not convinced of. He was almost 136 pounds in January and I know he is a bit bigger than that now. What is MOST important is that he is nice and ribby and looking ‘strong like bull’ as one staff member said! LOL I showed one of the staff(who just finished up her 1st year in the Tech program) how to draw blood and she took the bw on Lil Linus for his HWT! YAY! FOR both of them! It took her only three tries and both she and Lil Linus ROCKED! His Rabies is good until 2011 and so I just did his 3 year DHPP vaccine. His heart, lungs, teeth, coat etc. are awesome and other than a ‘stress’ poop in the run; he did fantastic. That tail just goes a mile a minute! We continue to wait patiently for that ‘right’ matched home to come along and I have new pictures of Lil Linus to post. He came with me and Porridge plus several Volunteers to the presentation BHRR did at St. Lawrence College in early April and was a ham as always. 😛 He has also become ‘quite’ the momma’s boy….. 🙄 😉 LOL