BHRR’s Bear – Amost 9.5 year old Saint
Born: May 9th, 2009

A picture that Sean took of him today with his Canon 77D!

More to post on this uber handsome Senior boy tomorrow.

I picked him up from his emerge temp foster family last night(have not seen him since I picked him up, vetted him and dropped him off to them June 21st) & GOT to visit with BHRR’s Peanut also – Adopted September 2012 and I have not seen her since then…HUGE HUGE HUGE hi-light for me! 

THANK you to The Janzens for letting me love and be loved on by her….AND for emerge temp fostering this big lug of love! You helped save his life… grateful.

He came to work with me to KAH today and more to come!

He deserves to be our Cover Boy and from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent!



I am so so so happy to say that BHRR’s Bear(Almost 9.5 year old Saint) has had an amazing BHRR approved home step up to temp foster him from August 7th – August 25th inclusive!

This home has adopted three BHRR dogs over the past many years yet this shall be there first temp foster for us!

THANK you to The Bethunes! SO much! 

He shall be getting his boosters on August 4th, then he shall be neutered. After that, he shall then head to his temp foster home for some new wonderful positive experiences including lots of love!

So grateful to this home for stepping up! Incredibly so!

BHRR’s Bear(9+ year old Saint) & BHRR’s Peanut(Freedom Dane from Paws R Us Seizure)

BHRR’s Peanut was ADOPTED September 13th, 2012!

BHRR’s Peanut has been showing BHRR’s Bear the ‘ropes’ and I have heard that he recently did his first play bow to her trying to get her to play! WTG BHRR’s Bear!

LOVE this photo of the two of them! 

URGENT NEED: STILL ISO: A Temp Foster Home for BHRR’s Bear (9+ year old Saint) from August 7th – August 25th, 2018

He shall be having his boosters and will be neutered at the beginning of August, then I am seeking a wonderful BHRR approved temp foster home from August 7th – August 25th! 

Please EMAIL




ISO: A Temp Foster Home for BHRR’s Bear (9+ year old Saint) from August 7th – August 25th, 2018

He shall be having his boosters and will be neutered at the beginning of August, then I am seeking a wonderful BHRR approved temp foster home from August 7th – August 25th! 

NOTE: If you are a BHRR approved adoptive home, you are already a BHRR approved Volunteer and can temp foster if your circumstances allow for it. 

Please do EMAIL


Somebody has finally figured out how the bed works! 

BHRR’s Bear
(Born: May 9th, 2009)

Please do keep him in your best thoughts as his emerge temp foster home reached out to me yesterday to say that he started to suddenly limp on one of his hind legs. So, something unfortunately happened and he is scheduled to see a Vet today @ 4 pm.

We will update as we can…back leg injuries in Giant Breed Dogs can be very serious yet one step at a time and we are thinking positive thoughts! 

We shall update as we can……

On a side note: I know many are waiting patiently still for our final totals of our biggest fundraiser of each year yet, sadly, I am still trying to make a connection with 10 people on their silent auction items. This will make a different of $154 should we not obtain successful closure so I will try for a few more days before calling it.

A close-up of that uber handsome mug! 

This how BHRR’s Bear spent his own Canada Day! 
(Born May 9th, 2009) 

Thank you to his emerge temp foster home for taking such excellent care of this fine senior gent that looks/acts way younger than 9+! 

With how amazing he is doing – he is no longer nervous of their own dog, BHRR’s Peanut, he now loves her plus he has always adored people – a huge social king to humans – we are becoming even more sure that there should be no reason for him not to be placed up for adoption to a right match personality fit home. 

He had extremely limited to zero exposure to dogs for many years prior to Rescue and he has been great to go on walks – ‘walking and talking’ does not give him time to think as much about his worry of dogs – and is learning all about the good things canine friends can provide in companionship with BHRR’s Peanut. 

With patience, consistency, time, stability, understanding and structure, he will be an excellent wonderful addition to a home. A home that will make sure he has frequent/regular access to water as he loves laying in it, is going to be a must! That is his favourite thing and we are not going to deny him this life pleasure. 

Yet, we will shall see how the next few weeks go – he has more vetting to come and I want to see more weight on him. 

He is so incredibly handsome! 



BHRR’s Bear!
(Born May 9th, 2009)


His amazing emerge foster home is keeping us regularly updated and he is starting to settle in beautifully.  Their time plus patience is setting him up for success!

He just adores people!!

He is booked for a good grooming session in early July, once he relaxes even more – yet, you can see he is starting to figure out the whole bed thing!  – and he is being treated for a broken nail and being such a good boy….

He absolutely loves the water and likes to lay down in it. 

We are not yet sure if we will be placing this amazing handsome senior gent up for adoption at some point or have him placed in our Haven Program and cherished in one of our incredible perma-foster homes…..still really early to know one way or another. Stability is so important for any dog and we want what is best for all of our dogs. 

Thanks shouted out again to the Janzen’s (& BHRR’s Peanut) for stepping up to temp foster him! This is their second foster for BHRR and we are truly thankful….

BHRR’s Bear! (Born: May 9th, 2009)

At just before 3:30 pm today, I did the hand off to Judy, his emerge temp foster home in Westport and she then took this handsome 9+ year old man back to her place in Kingston.

He had a really busy day and I am so proud of him from me picking him up in Quebec and bringing him to my work to see the Vet @ KAH and from there making the drive to Westport.  He loved every person! He travelled well – & hair bombed my car!

So gentle in taking treats too! It did not take him long to begin to bond with me and he takes a piece of my heart with him already! 

I have heard that he has already been in the lake at Judy’s and seems to know what the king size bed is for! 

I am so grateful to Judy, Ron & BHRR’s Peanut for stepping up to emerge temp foster him.

I shall update further once his bloodwork returns from his thorough Vet visit today.

We would appreciate any consideration to his mounting Vet Bills – he has more Vet visits plus a good grooming session to come – and he has a file ‘Bear’ under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation account at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR you can donate via email transfer to

OR you can donate via PayPal to

My own day has been extremely long and a cold has suddenly come upon me during my driving today – I was on the road by 6:00 AM and got home just before 5 PM tonight yet so worth it all to see BHRR’s Bear all safely tucked into his emerge temp foster home. 

On that note from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes are being sent!

BHRR’s Bear – at Kanata Animal Hospital 

What we know so far:
Age: 9+ (Birth Date May 9th, 2009)
*Owners owned him for his whole life 
Reason For Surrender: They are moving to an apt.

Last Vetted: September 12th, 2009 from the Vet Records surrendered with him

At KAH Today:

*Weight: 59.5 kg(130.9 pounds) 
*Not Neutered 
*Overgrown nails – yet, with all else we were able to do today, they can wait 
*Needs Grooming – home had washed him yet he needs a good groom session 
*Heart & Lungs sound good 
*great teeth for a 9+ year old 
*Very straight angled in the hind end yet moves incredibly well for a 9+ year old giant senior 
*mild arthritis in his hind end – remarkably so 
*we did a thorough clean on both of his ears as they were filled with debris 
*we did blood work to test for tickborne diseases plus heartworm 
*we did blood work for internal organ function and pre-op
*no presence of any skin conditions 
*thorough exam
*he had his first vaccines 
*he will begin a proactive/preventative de-worming protocol 
*he will begin a proactive/preventative heartworm/flea/tick protocol

Great with all people he has met – movers at the home, people at work
Travelled great in the car from his pick-up in Quebec to KAH

Now on my way to meet up with his emerge temp foster home Judy in Westport. She will then bring him to her home in Kingston. Thank you again so much Judy, Ron & BHRR’s Peanut for stepping up so we could save him! 

I have a new leash for him from my stash and a gently used collar for him for a new beginning.

I am told he loves water so he is going to adore Judy’s place! 

If anyone would like to donate to his mounting Vet Bills, you can call Kanata Animal Hospital directly at 613-836-2848 – he has an account ‘Bear’ under the Birch Haven Rescue account.

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to (friend & Family option).

Good Morning!

Long before many were even awake today, I was on the road driving to Quebec to pick up this handsome 10 year old Saint Bernard…’Bear’ 

We are now on our way to Kanata Animal Hospital to begin his vetting.

Will update as I can!


THANK you Judy, BHRR’s Peanuts’ amazing forever loving adoptive Mama! 

This shall be their second temp foster for BHRR!

Another Picture of the handsome boy!

The next in need of us! 
10 year old Male Saint Bernard 
Reason For Surrender: O’s are moving to take care of sick grandparents & are going into an apt.

ISO: Emergency Temp Foster for him for ~6 weeks from one of our ALREADY approved BHRR Volunteer homes.
**Note: if you are an approved BHRR adoptive home, you are also an approved BHRR Volunteer. So timeline is to about August 1st.

Said to be: Good with other dogs, good with Kids, loves everyone.

We provide all the vetting, food, stand, bowls, dog bed, collar and leash etc.! You provide the love! 

You can email if you are interested and wish to know more details.

ETA being worked on