The next two that are in need!
These two are “Bruno” & “Bea”. Names given to them by the agency.
Littermates that were seized.
They are unaltered(the male is also Monorchid) Great Dane/PoodleX’s, ~3 years of age.
They were seized, and now placement is needed. We would love to assist, and the place that currently has them is willing to road trip to us with them, as they are located in another province.
They are good with other dogs, good with cats.
They reached out as the agency felt that placing them would be a huge challenge – in the hopes that these two could be saved – they have severe anxiety – break through windows, are skinny, lack training, lack socialisation, and cannot go to just any organization.
Just the type of special Giants we LOVE to assist! 
What we are hoping to do is raise much-needed funds to allow their rescue guardian angel to drive from SW Manitoba to closer to us. We need money for gas – prices are insane! – and for two nights in hotels.
Once they are here, we will figure out their vetting needs.
Donations can be sent via PayPal to OR via email transfer to
Thank you in advance for any consideration…..
I look at these two beauties, and I see our Bakers Dozen……the GD/Wolfie Litter we whelped.