I just wanted to post that the last weight we got on BHRR’s Jenni before she was adopted on the 29th of March was between 90-95 pounds. Sean picked her up and weighed her on the scale at home. New slides #42 – #49 of Jenni posted. The last one’s that I have of all 3 of the DBB’s together are in those slides. What a bittersweet moment it was to take those pics. All the best BHRR’s Jenni in your new home. You will be very much missed. ADOPTED!

I went to do the homevisit today and I brought along both Abbi and Jenni. Turns out and when talking to Sean he reminded me that I had mentioned this to him before I even left that I felt that Jenni could be a better fit for their home. I had felt that based upon what I was being told about their current dog by them and their references that while Abbi(whom they were originally interested in)might be a ‘good’ fit; I felt that Jenni could also be a good if not a better fit. Turns out that Jenni took everything in stride; going into the house; making herself at home by eating treats, going up and down stairs; interacting with the people and their dog with ease. She even was great with their bird. Abbi on the other hand; showed us a side that we have never seen and those that have met her and interact with her regularly; would have been very surprised. She was very reluctant to even come out of the car and when I got her out;(while Jenni is wrapping herself around me entangling me in her leash etc! LOL); Abbi even tried to hide under their truck. It was so distressing to see. Once Abbi was in the house with Jenni leading the way very excitedly; Abbi settled in better. She went outside and played with Jenni; she was ok about getting some loving from the people and while she was not nervous of their dog; she was not comfortable either. She just was not interested nor would she eat any of the treats being offered while Jenni was soaking it all up. Here we have Jenni running up stairs, checking things out and Abbi is being very quiet and sedate. Jenni had to be reminded a few times about the ‘no jump’ in her happiness yet Abbi was just content to stand around. Abbi was even uncomfortable around their bird. The DBB’s go everywhere and yet this time; Abbi was not even thrilled about going in the car while Jenni was looking out the windows etc. The home was in agreement that Jenni is a better fit and when Abbi and I left; it was the same thing; she was very reluctant, did some submissive peeing yet when she saw the car door open; she went right in and layed down. She is now at home; de-stressing by having a long nap in her crate with the door open. So, while I felt that Jenni would be a better fit based upon her personality and what I had been told about their current dog; I MOST certainly did not expect to see our little Abber package of confidence and comfort just crumble like that. I told the home that it was not personal; there was just things that Abbi just did not feel at home over and Jenni did. I am delighted for Jenni; was very hard to leave…….AND I mean very hard to leave one of the DBB’s and I had thought often over the months if Jenni and Abbi should be adopted together yet that really was not required. Though they have always had a strong bond and are dependent on each other in their ways; for them to really become part of a new home; properly integrated etc., they needed to be separated. As much as I am going to miss ‘The JenniBean’; I know that Sean’s heart as taken another ‘hit’ with another one of his special ‘gals’ being adopted out. I have some new pics of Jenni to post and shall do as soon as I can. ADOPTED! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

It has been awhile since I updated Jenni’s page and I have uploaded pictures #37-#41 into the slideshow of Jenni. She is doing great! She and her sisters still do not love their collars ONE bit and will even still do some submissive peeing when you go to take them off or put them on. When it comes to nail trimming, Jenni will also do a bit of submissive peeing just in the very beginning when we go to hold here and we know it is the β€˜wind up’ that is causing her some stress. So when it is time to do nails; we will do her first on one day; Abbi another and Mudslide on yet another so all three are not done on the same day and also avoid causing them undo angst. Jenni continues to work on her obedience and still is that powerful package of mischief! The DBB’s are not due for their vaccines until July but I really want to get them in for updated weights PLUS the extra β€˜outside’ socialization is only going to benefit them. Jenni has free run of the house at night and is only crated when we are out. At night she likes to sleep on one of the Kuranda beds that were donated. Jenni can be a bit possessive over her food bowl if another dog(other than Bronson, Mudslide, Hamilton or Abii)get a bit too close and show interest. We continue to work on NILIF(what we call Doggy Boot Camp)and she has to share toys and the water bowls of which she has no issues in doing so. Jenni also is also beginning to show some possessiveness over her crate and it is being worked on. She is a very strong personality and we remain strong in our beliefs that Jenni needs to go to a home that is very experienced with Danes and her personality type. She is very strong willed, yet a bit of a coward inside and relies on Abbi to ‘build’ her up. We are working on her independence and that she does not have to be a ‘goober’ to express herself. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜† She is truly a beautiful girl with some rough diamond edges and we continue to work with her.

The new height I could get on Jenni with her wiggling was just under 28″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pics of Jenni below. Jenni remains such a complex bundle of behavours. In one minute she is the sensitive, please reassure me cutie, the next minutes she is the sweet cuddling angel and in the next she is the mischief making, pushy adorable broad! She reinforces our decision daily that she MUST go to a home experienced in Danes and one experienced with such a magnificent temperament as hers. We would never desire to see her personality or spirit broken in the wrong home whereby someone became impatient and did not appreciate nor understand her amazing soul. On the same note, she cannot be in a home that would allow her to take over and rule the roost for she would be diva supreme this one if she could. She is so cutely manipulative in weasling her way in for the cuddles and can be very subtle about how she gets things done her way with the other dogs yet if ever another dog stands up to her and means business, she crumbles into the very sensitive mass of Dane she truly is inside. She relies heavily on Abbi for a lot of self-confidence and if you allow her to have her way; she would be sleeping every night in a crate with her Abbi and of course, hogging all the space! LOL I love this dog in how dynamic she is and her wide range of emotions, feelings and abilities. She needs the proper guidance and loving hand and will really benefit from a very structure yet positive obedience regime and program. Just as with Abbi, we must be very careful about the right home for her. She must go to a home like Abbi where she has at least one other playmate, male or female is of no matter as long as the personalities click. She and her sisters live in very close harmony in our home with our own three females plus Mazda without any issues whatsoever. I know that as much as I am going to miss this incredibly diverse girl; Sean is going to be heartbroken when she is adopted. Those two remain thick as thieves!

A group picture below of the 3 DBB’s as their former foster mom left when she came for a visit at the end of October. There is also two pictures of Jenni. Jenni remains to be the wonderful handful and one has to always be on their toes with this one. She will beguile you in a heartbeat and you will be forever ‘lost’ and then you might find yourself being the one sleeping on the doggie beds and her in your bed! πŸ™‚ SHE is a charmer and very assertive about what she wants and her likes/dislikes! She is absolutely fascinating to be around. We have yet to have her right matched home come along and we remain patient. The DBB’s are very close and I have been working on to have them spend some time by themselves in separate crates and they are now content at night to sleep apart. During the day, they can often be found piled up together on one of the Kuranda Beds donated by their foster mom or playing outside for hours on end! They are now 7 months old.

I was able to get a height on wiggly Jenni today and she is 26″ at the whithers.

OK! New pics of Jenni posted below on one of the Kuranda Beds that Mila(the fostermom of the DBB’s before they came to us) was so generous to donate to our program. Next week, I hope to bring all the DBB’s in for a new weigh-in and I will take heights possibly tonight when they might be more likely to stand still long enough! πŸ™‚ Jenni is very much the biggest of the 3 of the DBB’s and she just becomes more beautiful every day. We cannot wait for Mila and the person who is fostering the mom of the pups to come back to visit with them this month to see how much they have grown. They are now 6 months of age. They still like to all puppy pile on top of each other at every opportunity! Jenni is a very busy girl and full of character!!!!! All three of the DBB’s are fully housebroken, sleep wonderfully through the night, are crate trained and just love the crates. You will often find them curled up in one of the crates with door open and if they are not there, they are either on my bed or one of the Kuranda Beds. One of their other favourite activity continues to be to dig and we are working on that and we will have a lot of landscaping and deck work to do next year. πŸ™‚ All are very treat motivated and their recalls are just suberb!!!! We continue to work on basic commands and obedience and one of the things I love the most is when I come home and see their faces in the window or playing in the yard all excited to greet me. Jenni is the one that does not continue to have a ‘jumping’ issue for Abbi and Mudslide can still ‘forget’ themselves and jump on you(they like to do it from behind and take you out at the knees!) in their joy of seeing you. We continue to work on that too. Jenni continues to have a mutual adoration relationship with Sean and you will see from the pics that I will post of Abbi so does she and thank goodness Mudslide is ‘on my side’ for MAN! I would be so jealous! LOL All three still are not ‘fond’ of nail trimming and are doing great with bathing.

As soon as I get Dyce and PPSS more ‘on their feet’; I have new pictures and updates to post on the DBB’s. Due to a recent negative experience with an applicant whose home was declined; please note that all of our policies, procedures, mandates and processes are clearly posted on both of our websites and that we will not make any exceptions. Making demands of us is not going to make us rush the process of a possible adoption and the bullying of any of us Volunteers is not appreciated.

Jenni has become a ‘dig a hole to China’ gal while Mudslide and Abbi like to provide morale support in watching. She has also taught my Butterball Jaws Bronson the habit and so we are working on ‘no digging please’ training! Like Abbi, I need to get a height and current weight and she has just turned 5 months old on August 31st, 2007. LOL Please note that as per our websites; we do NOT adopt out of the provinces of ON and Quebec and they are not desperate to find a home and we are not desperate to place them. Please review our adoption processes plus procedures before contacting us about adoption. One line emails demanding to have one of these amazing creatures will not be responded too.

I wanted to say that Jenni is also quite the ‘houdini’ gal. She can open doors and she can even open up her crate. We have now put on two clips to keep her ‘safe.’ She is very talented and her mind is always thinking, this doll! Her home is going to have to keep her mentally stimulated or she is going to create her own fun to keep busy! πŸ™‚

BHRR’s Jenni – Fawn Blue Merle, Great Dane, Female, born March 31st, 2007, spayed August 8th and up to date on vaccines (July 25th, 2007) and is now microchipped. At 8 weeks she was 10.5 pounds, 10 weeks 16.62 pounds, 11 weeks 20.24 pounds, 12 weeks 10 kgs(22 pounds), 16 weeks 16.4 kgs(26.08 pounds) and at the time of her spay @ 18 weeks; Jenni weighed 17 kgs(37.4 pounds).Jenni is on Sentinel and her last fecal was normal. She is almost completely housebroken, fully crate trained and this girl has personality! OMG! This girl is so smart and honest about her feelings and reminds me a lot of Mazda! She will think over almost everything, weighing up the situation and determining if she should do something or listen etc. Usually, it will come down to just what great treat may be in store for her! LOL Her leash manners are now wonderful and we are still working on the recall and distraction training yet she is only 5 months old!!!!! She is getting better with nail trimming and ear cleaning and she is very easy to bathe. Jenni LOVES to cuddle and she is as attached to Sean as our beloved BHRR’s Lady was. Jenni will only go to a home that is experienced with Great Danes, with at least one other dog, one that is not too dominant and one that is prepared to continue to socialize and guide her magnificent temperament in the right direction. She is a happy, healthy and wonderful girl!

She and her two surviving sister of BHRR’s Abbi and BHRR’s Mudslide were born by C-section to a 72 pound emaciated Brindle mom, Nelly who is part of a cruelty case in Quebec (being fostered by an angel for the SPCA and she plans on adopting her). There were 8 in the litter and one was stillborn and 3 died within the first two weeks. The pups needed to be tube fed as the mom was too ill to take care of them. I was contacted when they were 6 weeks of age and asked to assist. They have been part of my program since they were 9 weeks old. The fostermom of the pups plus the fostermom of the dam were invited to our home to drop them off and to spend an afternoon visiting with us, partake in some food, to see how we lived and take care of the animals here. They will be having another visit this upcoming Saturday (August 25th) once last time as they are going up for adoption. Jenni and her two sisters are affectionately known as the ‘Diaper Bag Babies’ by their fan club! πŸ™‚