Just past 4 PM on Friday March 30th, 2012; our family said good-bye to a cherished, adored and valuable member of our home plus hearts. RIP THDR's Kona. She was just days away from celebrating her 13th Birthday.
We have had her since she was just over 3 months of age (our one and only attempt to temp foster for another Rescue!) and we were informed that she would not likely live past age 1 BUT she proved the Vets wrong.
She was one of 8 (I believe) pups born to a HW+ pregnant mom who was dumped at the OHS just days before whelping. There were still four pups in need of a temp foster home when we learnt about them. Sean really really really wanted this one pup and I said, 'we shall be placed the best one for us' and what were the chances that we were be entrusted with the same pup that Sean really fell in love with from the photo! Three days after she came to be temp fostered, we moved forward to the process of adopting her. 🙂 I shall remember fondly as I was talking to Krys from THDR on the phone three days after we had her; Sean going on his knees in front of me; asking me to ask Krys if we could be considered for her. 🙂
Kona also went on to become a certified Therapy Dog, a nanny Newf to my kids and best friend to so many dogs and humans. She was an incredible ambassador of her breeds, a wonderful spokesperson for how amazing rescued dogs can be and a more loyal, loving and sweetheart of a companion could not have been asked for. A better leader female, we have never had in our home and our hearts bleed and mourn. She is the last of the fantastic 4 and the last of the fabu 5. Last September she was diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome and we had another wonderful 6 months with her. Sadly, it is never enough. An era plus icon for our home and BHRR has ended with her loss. We feel like we are just wandering aimlessly without our dear Kona Bug!
Sleep well, Buggie; you are with Jasper, Klondike, Alaska and Baby Dragonz and I know that our dear friend Ivy who suddenly passed away recently is welcoming you with open and caring arms. Thank you to Dr. Zak of KAH for her compassion.
Kona went peacefully and just before she passed; she reached up and licked Sean; and then she quietly slipped away seconds later. Until we meet again precious Bug.
Thank you Krys for letting us be owned by such a magnificent girl. These past couple of days has been so difficult….