My last post of tonight! Been a busy day!

We are now taking registration for our next BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House – will be in April!

Please do email if you are interested in learning the date/details as we never post publicly as this is a limited registration event!

BHRR’s Eragon(Haven Dog) – says ‘GET’ your registration in early as we always fill up!

He is so enjoying the Winter Wonderland Day here!

3+ fenced in acres to safely run, romp and rip plus play in!

Many may remember that we were asked in November 2016 to assist BHRR’s Eragon as he had a court rap sheet and his O. could not longer keep him….not his fault, he had been abused yet, he paid the price for no longer wanting to be hurt….he is doing well……he is safe with us…..

He is so bonded to me and what can I say?! My heart is smitten with him also!

His face has been healing – he will always have a scar from that muzzle he once wore prior to rescue.

He has also put on much needed muscle mass & weight and looking mighty handsome! His tongue hanging out makes him even more endearing!

We will provide him all the best in quality of health, happiness and love!!

From our home to all of those that stand strong by us, that belief in what we do, why we exist and are needed, thank you and good night!

Posted by Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) on Monday, March 6, 2017

BHRR's Eragon

BHRR's Eragon February 12th, 2017Winter Wonderland Day!

Posted by Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) on Monday, March 6, 2017

We know many have been patiently….or, not so patiently waiting!!!

Here is the FIFTH & Final instalment of our 2016 Traditional December 24th XMAS Eve Photo’s!

As most dogs remained in their approved Temp Fosters, not all doggies could have their photo’s done BUT, we got those that we could! We will be posting over the next few days almost 50 photo’s of BHRR doggies & a few of our own!

We have had quite a few come back for the Holidays as their families are travelling.

ALWAYS a blast for us at BHRR!

We cannot SHOUT out enough big thanks of our deepest appreciation to ALL those that stepped up to be part of our 14th ANNUAL SS to the BHRR dogs!

Another amazing successful year THANKS to so many angels that made it possible!!!

We only had 1 person not send their SS’s yet, as we had other kind plus thoughtful generous people send extra goodies to help cover any that were missed, we are so BLESSED to say that, each BHRR dog had something special to call their own this XMAS!!!

Many of these dogs are experiencing their very first XMAS of love, shelter, with enough food and, tons of helping hands, not hurtful or neglectful ones…. THANK you’s being sent out again to every wonderful and lovely Secret Santa that made this possible!!!

I am inspired by your caring, giving and, incredibly beautiful hearts!!! A million thank you’s being sent again!

My last post of my night!

On behalf of BHRR’s Eragon, he wishes to say to all that he is settling in so well…. 🙂

He is eating better than when he first arrived and taking his de-worming medication like a pro! He has also been placed on Revolution and has been such a good boy in so many ways!

He wags his tail when he sees me first thing each AM and that melts my heart. His crate training has been awesome!

His muzzle and mouth are scabbing over nicely from the damage of the muzzle and in this picture you can see the special Secret Santa gift that was mailed to him! True Canadian Love! 😀 A second picture of the collar is in the thread. 🙂

His anxiety / stress levels are still ever present yet now brewing right under the surface, not spilling over any longer and we are so careful to make sure that it does not overflow…we are working on teaching him that his own company is ok, that he can self-soothe and comfort himself without a human doing it for him and he is responding wonderfully!

He gets his alone time and he gets plenty of time with us and he has made friends with BHRR’s Ani, Jigsaw and BHRR’s Bell to date. 🙂

He has shown zero issues towards any of the dogs here and we are taking it slow and easy with him. We take our cues from him….

What I love so much about him is how he digs and pushes his head right into you…..he leans and leans and leans some more!

I cannot wait for the time to come that his eyes no longer carry fear, confusion and uncertainty and carry mischief, confidence and happiness. He has given me so much in trust and acceptance in such a short time already. Thank you Eragon! We have so much to show you in helping hands over hurting hands….

No new auction items to be added today to our 9th ANNUAL ‘Just In Time For Xmas’ online auction yet BHRR’s Eragon is hoping that many will consider checking out link below to view the 94 items we currently do have up for grabs!!!

Auction ends Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST! I will work on adding the final 4-5 items that we have tomorrow!

Best night wishes from our home to all of yours!

fullsizerender img_2785

I hope that everyone shall understand that no new auction items shall be added tonight to our 9th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction. The link is below for those wishing to view and possibly bid on the great 74 items currently up for grabs!

*Eragon* has to be my priority right now and he wishes all of his supporters and fans a good night!!!

He wants to say that he is a bit stressed and worried yet is going to the bathroom and has even explored part of the 3+ fenced in yard with BHRR’s Ani by his side He says that he is being brave and is a really good boy….

He wants to thank all of you for being so kind and supportive to him and his previous O.

The muzzle has left some deep and slightly infected marks on his muzzle and mouth. They are all cleaned up and in conversing with one of our Vets, they recommended to see how things go over the next 24 hours or so.

He is also now in a Peachy Keen collar that one of our other BHRR doggies was happy to lend him until he has his own comes in the mail thanks to Margaret G.!…/online-auction-2012


I have him!

Just leaving now…

Yes, he is in a prong collar and a muzzle that his Owner had on him when I came to meet them. What was and is most important is minimising the stress on him and the Owner during this rescue.

These two items are what he is used to and what his ‘comfort’ zone is for him right now due to his high level of anxiety and past set up for failure history….

BHRR is not here to judge anyone and believe me when I say that good people have to give up their dogs sometimes, that they are truly often only trying to do the best they can and that this Owner loved him this much to give him a better life touches me deeply….

This is truly a tough and rough situation on several fronts and only posts of support and kindness are encouraged and needed…

When we are home, we will transition out of the prong and muzzle and get him settled in.

Welcome to BHRR *Eragon*

Additional Information:
He is visually impaired….noted that first thing in one of his photo’s sent my way….he sees more than than well enough though. As for hearing, he hears yet will determine how much etc….

This is the Dane that was abused by the O.’s ex-landlord – taunted, poked/hit was sticks, punched – and even punched in the face and yelled/screamed at.

That is just one part of this boys sad past…

We may give him a new name for a new beginning.

The O. moved a couple of months ago and is in a new place, an apartment with three giants. The ex landlord is only one of two rough/tough situations that this sweet boy has gone through….

This boy cannot be failed again….there is already a court order that he remain on leash in public and no one less than 16 handles him. I am awaiting the court paperwork for him. So, he shall remain a BHRR Haven dog.

He comes from a home with two children – one is a wonderful autistic teen and the other a small adorable munchkin and *Eragon* was amazing with them both….amazing.

He was great with me from the moment I met him….and has been fine with Sean also.

A truly tragic series of things have happened that he is now with us….

He needs manners/obedience and to feel safe and his O. has done all she could to make it happen for him…he has a high level of anxiety and he needs time to just relax….de-stress and we will work to build him back up…

He will have distractions of other doggie friends here, an outlet of trails and three plus acres to play and run in and that will also help him release a lot of pent up emotions/energy…

He is a lovely boy….and quirky and we are blessed to be here to help him become the best dog he can be…he is mighty fine in his own right already!

Consistency, structure, routine, obedience, stability and a big huge dosing of love…

We will work on him learning about helping caring hands and not hurting hands…

Our journey is just beginning together…

No human is perfect, no dog either and as someone who has worked in these rescue trenches for decades, we are not here to judge…we are here to help and this O. made a huge sacrifice in letting *Eragon* go…to give him this new life.

Until we walk in the shoes of this O., we have no right to judge….for those who know me, I have a big interpersonal human space bubble and when I left, I actually hugged the O.

That speaks volumes…


Today was the day that I was suppose to do the evaluation/assessment on the brindlequin male *Eragon* yet Sean was moving the car so he could plow after the 25 cms of snow was received and it slid right into the fence…. 🙁

We are rescheduled for tomorrow…..


This is *Eragon*. He is an unaltered Brindlequin Male Great Dane. ~2 years of age.

Circumstances have recently risen that has put his O. into the tough position of having to re-home him.

We have been informed that he was abused by a past landlord of the O. – poked with sticks, taunted and yelled at. An understandable nervous/fearful boy, Eragon is.

We have also been told about an incident that happened with him about three months ago and we have been trying to learn as much as we can….

His O. wants what is best for him and we were contacted to see if we could assist.

We will update as we know more.

Pictures sent from his current O.


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