Alisa Hart

I read the updates that you have done with Mazda, and I just wanted to thank you. I think that you are doing a wonderful thing. I appreciate the adoption process that you have in place, and really appreciate that you have that. To many people choose to have a animal as a status symbol, rather then a family member. Please do not make any changes to it, though if only to better it. I worked with the Humane society, and saw to many people picking up the wrong kind of dog, cat etc.. and for them to only come back, for lack of understanding the personality, and the needs of their adoption. So just in case you do not hear it enough, I think that you are doing a wonderful thing, and its people such as yourself and your husband, that truly make it a beautiful place for the animals that have no voice of their own. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of rescue animals around the world.

J. Bethune, ON, CDA

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful hospitality!! It was so great to meet everyone. I was in absolute heaven with all those Danes around!!!!! It was especially nice to meet LT in person. He’s such a sweetie! I just love him even more now that I’ve met him. I often go and look at the pics of him when he was first rescued. You have done such an AMAZING job! I really, really enjoyed my visit. You are such a wealth of information!!

K. Dunfield

I stumbled across your site quite a few months back while looking for something completely unrelated, and have been a reader every since. I love, admire and respect the work you do with your animals and keep coming back to check up on your little(HA!) angels. It’s hard to find someone as knowledgeable, dedicated and down to earth as you seem to be which is why I’m coming to you with a question or two hoping that you have a few minutes to help me out…….but I really did want a well-informed opinion from someone who would know what she’s talking about! 🙂

M. Bauman, IN, USA

You know so much about how to handle animals, and you are such a good behaviorist.

J. Bethune, ON, CDA

Please give my best to those wonderful rescue ladies.You’re an awesome group!!!!!

M. Leung, Oshawa, ON

Gwen, you and Sean do so much for the Rescues and put up with so much in the best interests of the dogs that I am honoured to be able to help you in my own small way.

K. Erins, USA

I have two wonderful danes myself. One from Merrilee and one we adopted from a rescue I was fostering her for. Thank you for all you do and best of luck…

S. Van Sciver, NC, USA

Lovely to talk to you today! I was so sad afterwards…well, just that I wouldn’t be able to adopt a horse from you unless we moved to Canada. You guys are SO great, I’d have complete faith in working with you…kind of like family, you know?

J. Bethune, ON, CDA

When the time comes for me to adopt, I feel more comfortable with you and your policies of complete disclosure and the wonderful care you give your animals. I’m sure there are other rescues that are good, but I know there are some that aren’t. You’re one of the good ones, so I’d rather adopt from you.

J. Bethune, ON, CDA

Just keeping in touch! I am still ‘visiting’ Tyke at your site. *L* He’s just SO adorable and special to me. The DBBs look like they’re growing like weeds. I just love Mazda too…she looks like such a queen bee! I hope she’s feeling better now. Good luck in your upcoming shows. I hope to get to one when you’re at one down this way. That Bronson is one handsome puppy! I hope everyone (skin and fur) is well.Thank you for being the great, caring person that you are.

J. Pezdek

Keep up your good work. (The puppies are adorable. The little fawn female reminds me of our Cleo when she was little).

K. Cybulski, Ottawa, ON, CDA

Firstly, let me say that I am very sorry to hear about Mazda. She is such a beautiful girl and it breaks my heart to know that this has happened to her (and BHRR) again. I know that you are doing a great jo and stay strong knowing that you have many people behind you “in your corner. Take care, and all of the best to you, your family, and BHRR.

P. Tops, ON, Canada

I just wanted to say that what has happened to Mazda is heartbreaking to say the least…but don’t let the uneducated opinionated people get you down…and I know that is easier said then done. Never question whether your work is ‘worth it’ cuz it only takes one success story…of which you have many…to realize what you do IS worth it. It’s unfortunate that we have to experience any type of failure in life…but the old cliche is true…what doesn’t break us makes us stronger…sounds cheesy I know…but I firmly believe it!!!

M. Miller, Toronto, CDA

Just know Gwen that you are doing the best job you possible can do. There will always be people out there that find fault, not tell the truth and not be totally committed to an animal. Do not beat yourself up any more.

D. Strange, Canada

I read your web site on a regular basis and was so happy to see all your adult dogs had found new homes. Then to see the work and compassion you and the fostermothers have given for the diaper bag puppies, well words cannot express the amazing effort and time and emotional sacrifice you give to these girls, just to give them a chance at a good life, which they deserve. For every one person who throws negative words at you for your efforts please always remember there are many more who are truly grateful there are families like yours willing to take on the challenge. So give yourself a huge pat on the back, and I wish you much success in the future.

M. Yeung, ON, CDA

I know you were feeling down about Mazda coming back, but you couldn’t have done anything about it. You did your best based on what you felt and what….said. You showed your commitment to Mazda by welcoming her back wholeheartedly and by being disappointed for her sake, not just yours. Keep doing what you do best, Gwen – rescue, love, rehabilitate, love, find forever homes, love!!!!

M. Bauman, IN, USA

……do such a good job of taking such good care of them, your children, and your house and grounds. It’s beyond my energy level. A remarkable family, and woman

Denise, NB, CDA

One day, I wouldn’t mind doing something like you are, it sounds very rewarding. I could only do this when I retire, my gosh you must have energy like the ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!

M. Diamond, Gatineau, Quebec

Hello Gwen. I am a HUGE fan of your website. I am an avid great dane lover. You are doing an AMAZING thing, and you are a truly wonderful person. You can feel the the love you have for them when you read your website. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! Kiss LT for me.

B. Pooler, USA

These puppies are so lucky – couldn’t have wound up in a better place! You are the wonderful one – you help sooo many animals, and gave Liquorice a forever home. I know how hard it can be to have a wobblers dog, and to deal with all of Liquorice’s other special needs on top of that can’t have been easy. You are such an amazing person!

D. Russell, ON, CDA

You’ve touched so many people and animals in your time on this planet, and will continue to do so because of who you are, Gwen … I hope you give yourself a very deserved pat on your back today for all you are and all you do….and two of those blessed creatures who are far better off now because of you, Dodger and Gracie, and the rest of my gang, who are all happy & healthy and doing well 🙂 Plus, I sincerely believe in what you’re doing at BHRR, and have since the moment I stumbled on your site back in Jan ’06. It’s just icing on the cake that I’m so privileged to have two BHRR Danes in my life now, too!

L. Bonnet, ON, CDA

I read the storey on Liquorice, how it touched my heart……………..You and Sean are people who have a smile on your hearts and souls, and Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful tribute.

M. Perusko

I want to start off this letter by telling you what a pleasure it was meeting you, your family, and your wonderful pack yesterday. I have to say, I had been quite anxious the past couple of weeks not really knowing where the puppies would be not having met you yet. I know I could not have made a better decision than placing them with your family. Please accept my utmost gratitude and respect for accepting to help them.

L. Bonnet, ON, CDA

Gwen I want to tell you again how much I enjoyed your website, and reading about each of your 4 legged family members …it really shows how much love you and your husband have for each of them, they are truly blessed……….any how keep up your great work…………

K. Cybulski, Ottawa, ON, CDA

I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to meet with you this weekend. You have a beautiful property and a lovely family! Both Chris and I have tremendous respect for what you are doing, and wish you all the best.

D. Strange, Niagara Falls, ON, CDA

You should be extremely proud of the job you are doing and the cautionary way in which you place your Danes. They deserve much respect and human contact and compassion and I really don’t think some people realize how sensitive these animals are. Much continued success in the future.

C. Kelly, NS, CDA

…and thank you for saving our souls. Thank you for taking such good care of the souls….they deserve the best! Respectfully’

E. Stinson, ON, CDA

You are amazing, and your “babies” definately let the world know that!

D. Delanoe, USA

Gwen – first of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy following Tyke’s progress on your site. So glad he is in good hands!

Tracy, ON, CDA,

thought I’d drop you a line to say hi, and tell you again what a wonderful thing you and your family do for our gental giants….just wanted to say thank you for everything you do

P. Tops, ON, CDA

I’ll be looking for all the updates…it’s part of my morning routine to see what has changed…I love keeping up to date…..You do incredible work and your dedication….emotionally and financially…not to mention the time you devote is admirable!!! You are a role model to me!!!! I love you work.Thanks Gwen…for everything you do and who you are.

S. Smith, ON, CDA

I admire your compassion and commitment towards the ‘special’ danes that cross your path.

J. Hamilton, Alberta, CDA

I just wanted to let you know what a great website you have and what a truly good thing you do, there should be more people like you out there.

Dawna Marie Winkler, MA, USA

And I just have to tell you how much I admire you and all the wonderful things you do for those magnificent Great Danes. You and your husband are NUMBER ONE in my book. Thank you so much.

A. MacLean, TO, ON

First of all, I want to tell you that I think you’re doing amazing things! I read your section on your website as to who you will adopt to and who you won’t and it’s great! Some people just don’t get it.

K. Knapp – ON, CDA

Your site is informative, you are one of the very few running foster that care so much about the animals and have strict conditions for adoption. Kudos. We need more people like you doing what you do.