H. McGovern, ON, CDA

….and we also really love what you do and want very much to be a part of it again by fostering.

E. Stuart

I just wanted to commend you guys on your excellent work. It is so amazing to know that you guys care so much about these animals, especially with so many in need. The adoption process is wonderful. I love it that you guys are so careful about making sure that you are placing your babies in the right home. Thanks again for being so caring towards animals like Boba, who only want love, security, good health, and a good snuggle.

D. Russell, ON, CDA

Thank you once again for all that you’ve done for them and all that you’ve done and are doing for the countless dogs (and horses!) in your program, Gwen.

D. Wright – TO, ON, CDA

I had hoped that your place was close enough to Toronto that I could assist you as a volunteer, but you are somewhat beyond commuting distance. Since I can’t help in person, please accept the $20 donation just made to your PayPal account, along with my best wishes. (Wish I could give you more, but our own vet bills are a little steep at the moment.) You are doing amazing work helping these pups and getting them to places where they can get the love they deserve.

Amanda V. – Ottawa, CDA

Although we’ve never met, I would personally like to thank you for doing what you do. This is in no way an easy job and I fear you’re never given enough credit. Just reading the stories of the animals you have rescued breaks my heart and brings me to tears. I hope that this upcoming spring, once I’m settled into my new home, I will be allowed to adopt a Dane from you. I can only hope that one day I may show another hopeless animal how kind and loving us humans CAN be. Thank you so much.

N. Phillips – CDA

I can’t imagine how hard it is to let one of them go, but this is what it’s all about, right? I just love following your dogs because even though we haven’t met, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that these dogs are going to be adopted to the most amazing, deserving people, ready and willing to love and spoil them. Please give all the dogs a kiss from me, and an extra special hug to Mazda, Fancy & Lady. Great job….

Janet, CA, USA

Your very welcome Gwen, you do such good things I had to contribute to help you continue.

M. Miller, ON, CDA

Gwen…you are one in a million and I thank the Dog God that he introduced me to you and Lady.

D. Russell, CDA

I remain very touched by your labour of love. The dedication you and Sean show to each other and to your children and to your dogs(and horses!) is inspiring. Thanks again, Gwen. I’m a huge believer in “pay it forward” and in the circle-of-kindness philosophy.You and your family and your critters have brought more warmth and smiles into my life than you realize.

A. Shimla – Toronto, ON, CDA

Look forward to talking to you about rescues in the future, your site is wonderful – I have to admit I love reading about how your rescues are coming along (especially Gracie, what a beauty!).

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

Gwen, I so admire what you do and for you to think of me – I am touched and thank you just doesn’t seem enough

C. Stoltz, Manitoba, CDA

A couple people………….have recommended u very highly – keep up the great work – have a great day!!

M. Leung, Oshawa, ON, CDA

I’m more than happy to be a link on your ‘chain of success’ but remember, there would be no chain if you had not seen the real need and taken the initiative to set up BHRR in the first place. I’m sure more than anything else it’s been your hard work and drive that’s kept BHRR going for 10 years and made it the success story that it is!

T. Cook, Belleville, ON, CDA

I am an avid follower of your Danes through your website. I normally check every day to see how they are all doing. I just wanted to send along my well wishes……..You provide a wonderful service and really should be commended. I truly admire your efforts, and wish you continued success. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get away and pay a visit in person at the Expo in Port Hope.

M. Leung, Oshawa, ON, CDA

You are the one who should be THANKED for all your hard work and dedication to those lost, sad souls, who are homeless through no fault of their own, and the all love and hope for a better future that you give them. I am grateful that I am able to help you help them.

D. Russell, CDA

So as I said before, I hope you’re not being hard on yourself about this! I can tell without ever having met you that you run a tight ship and care for these dogs extremely well, and that is reflected in all that you do, INCLUDING in how you handled this (in my opinion at least!). But, as I said before, whether we ever meet or whether I ever adopt a Dane from you, I feel a kinship of common beliefs and shared values with you, Gwen, and am very respectful of the labor of love you do. If I can continue to give in any way in the future, I will.

M. Leung, Oshawa, ON, CDA

You are doing a great job, and finally, it appears that I may be able to help you in some way. I now have hundreds of books, hardcover, paperback, fiction, non-fiction, pictorials, car repair etc., (some brand new) that I can donate to your book drive.

H. McGovern, Ontario, CDA

Don’t be too hard on yourself Gwen. In ten years you have so much to be proud of…. You do AMAZING work! And with AMAZING success…I believe in what you do… the lengths you go to… the depth you get into with people. It’s how I can be happy and proud to be a part of BHRR too…because I know that you do everything in your power short of actually living with the people 😀 to find the best home possible for each individual rescue. And it is really sad that it had to be Snowball…

D. Russell, CDA

I wanted to pass on my ongoing accolades for all that you’re doing in your rescue operation. I continue to be impressed by your thoughtful and descriptive write-ups of all the dogs, and eagerly await update. I was particularly sorry to hear that Snowball and Gracie’s adoptions hadn’t worked out. I know how much work you put into each and every adoption, and that you had enjoyed a 100% track record up until now. I hope you aren’t too hard on yourself with this….after all, my gosh, look at the successes you’ve had…………But this has to just be a supportive “I’m a big fan of yours” email…..I just wanted to say hi again and thank you once again for all your loving dedication to the Danes. I’m hoping to get to the Pet Expo on Sat June 24th, but I’m not sure whether I’ll have to work that day or not. Fingers crossed that I won’t! By the way, thank you for recognizing me on your donation page.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

BHRR will give them a safe and secure home – many do not have this! My best to you and everyone who makes the commitment to ensure your program has the success its had and will continue to have because of this enormous dedication! Take care.

Carol Russell, NS, CDA

I feel compelled to write to you………I read you site with interest and admiration. It is easy to see that you also love the breed and do everything in your power to protect those that cannot protect themselves. You are doing a wonderful job and I can’t imagine all the dogs waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

When it is time to let them go, stand proud, you’ve done your ‘job’ – your commitmtent in finding them their forever home is nothing but awesome.

K. Sardana, Ottawa, ON, CDA

I truly thank you for your very honest and down to earth website is wonderful and your dedication and work is admirable.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

Hi Gwen – I love your new website – having trouble deciding what I want – good luck with this new project!

T. Sisson, Whitby, ON, CDA

I also just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your website and how forward you are, especially the YOU are NOT adoption from ME! I think people really don’t realize how hard your job is. I have volunteered in humane societies and shelters for some time now and I wonder how stupid people really are sometimes. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be part of the humane race. Thank you for being out there and the hard work you do.

Merrilee Bauman, IN, USA

I did finish up my break by reading updates about your babies. I love how you take perfect care of them.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

I admired your commitment to your program and it shows in the stats you have posted. Congrats on 10yrs and many more years to follow. Thank you again for your time and kinds words when I needed them most.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

You do have a stellar program….. So, for now I will live vicariously through your website and celebrate when your ‘kids’ can leave your haven and find a new forever home or when they cross the Rainbow Bridge knowing they were loved and cared for. All the best…

Merrilee Bauman, IN, USA

I was reading about some of the dogs, again, on your website, and they all have beautiful write-up’s (and I want to take them all home). You do a wonderful job with all your animals.’

Cathy, Brampton, Ontario

I just love visiting your website, it really is wonderful….I’m happy to hear that you were able to get Mazda in your program.

Natalie, OH, USA

You are an amazing person to dedicate your life to these animals. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing.

S. Smith, Ontario, CDA

Hi Gwen – thank you for sharing Athena’s story with me. You have been professional in all your correspondence with me and you run a program to be very proud of. When I was making my decision to support rescue programs your program is at the top of my list…..From the pictures of Athena and Sean you could see the bond and I can understand how hard your decision was to make and I believe from everything you write it was done in keeping with your mission. When you wrote me, acknowledging her crossing Rainbow Bridge and knowing where she’s resting -how can her star not shine brightly! Wishing you and your family (animals included) the very best life can bring.

Judy, Ohio, USA

And thank you also for giving Gracie another chance at a good life. I picked her up……You and Dale are Saints for all you do for our beloved giants!

B. Stonebarger, Ohio, USA

I saw on your web site where Athena has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am very sorry as I know you take the dogs into your home and treat them as your own until you find a forever home for them…..I know that she was happy with you from the pictures and the things you wrote about her. She is waiting for you in a much better place. Hugs,

B. Stonebarger, Ohio; USA

Gwen, First, you are a Saint for the rescue work you do. Hopefully, the zip lock bag made it with the latest two Danes. I am the other half of the Charlie and Betty team and I wasn’t going to send you more dogs without a little something so I went around my office and asked everyone for any Canadian money they had. It wasn’t much so I added a little more of the US variety.

D. Russell, CDA

I came across your website a short while ago and have read quite a bit of it, and am very impressed. I wanted to write to say a big “kudos” to what you’re doing. It’s rare (in my experience) to come across rescue organizations that show the dedication and commitment to their charges that you show. Thank you for all your doing for the dogs.

D. Edwards, Ontario, CDA

I just saw you on daytime, and I loved your segment. I spent some time on your website, and I am SO IMPRESSED with everything you are doing. Birch Haven is a wonderful – and needed – organization.