BHRR's Bloom AKA Ms. Dynamite Boom Boom Bloom is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! 🙂

She is only going to go to a home that is going to be very serious about her structure, routine, commitment to obedience, have a firm yet very loving guiding hand and is NOT going to ruin all that has been done for her to date. This needs to be a home that is not going to break her spirit or heart for that is the essence of who this gal is.

She needs a home that is going to allow her to have the absolute quality of life she deserves and she is capable of running and playing very well BUT she is NOT a running or jogging partner and needs someone that is going to call her out for her mischief and gooberhead moments and does not encourage nor enable any negative attention seeking behavours. IT has taken a very long time to train and direct her into the avenue of appropriate displays of behavour that I want. This dog now walks on a loose lead wearing a simple buckle collar. SHE has not been trained with prongs, chokes, haltis nor a harness(and with her lower centre of gravity, she would just love to dig in with her weight on a harness!).

She lives in harmony with ALL dogs at BHRR now; no more 'tudeness demonstrated towards the Blue Great Danes for example! 😉

For all the challenges that she is will give you(AND this shall only make you a better person plus owner); she is affectionate personified and very loyal with that BOOM BOOM 'edge'.

I would like to see her in a home with at least one other likeminded dog(a blue would be delightful! LOL); yet; is not mandatory.

She is very versatile in that she could work well in a home that works pt, ft, from home or semi retired etc. She is that awesome!

She also can be quite 'talkative' in how she feels and how she plays – very typical Great Dane behavour! 😉

We are aware that it most likely will take time for her right matched forever loving home to come along due to her smaller size and her now healed and very healthy leg; but we are patient and with all the dogs here; we are committed for her life should she not be adopted. She shall only continue to become more and more trained and an even bigger asset to home and community. 🙂

TO say that I am going to miss her when she is adopted, is putting it lightly. This dog has pushed me and poked me and just thrilled me with her brilliant brain and tactics! I do not just love her, I simply ADORE her!