we are just leaving KAH now. BHRR's Emma has a bad UTI – her bladder is just huge and that has made the taking of ultrasounds(done twice) & x-rays very difficult. Her bladder is just enormous, the poor thing and that is almost all that you can see; that and her intestines. 🙁
So, at this time; we are unable to see babies via u/s or x-rays. Her Vet also discussed the case with an x-ray specialist. BHRR's Emma was also examined by two Vets.
So, she is on a heavy dose of antibiotics – cephalexin for her UTI and we are running a sample of her urine after doing a cysto collection.
She is on Fucithalmic for her eye and we did bw for a hwt, wellness plus we are doing a relaxin test to see if we can determine a possible pregnancy that way. We do understand that if she is really early on; that this test will not read positive.
We shall repeat the x-rays and u/s next week as we could not rule out no pregnancy due to that bladder and if it was super early plus if they were pushed up under her rib cage but no skeletal systems were located in the x-rays done today nor did we see any amniotic sacs in the u/s.
We are aiming to spay her once she has had time to become more healthy and depending on all the results of her bw and the repeat x-rays and u/s next week.
Being slightly skittish of most of the staff made things a wee bit more challenging too. BUT, she was a brave girl!!

She is even very skittish of Sean and when he met me at KAH, he was going to take BHRR's Emma for a pee while I went to the bathroom quickly and when I came back, I noticed that he did not have her and he and another person were trying to keep her off the road. She had pulled out of his hands and he was just trying to keep her off the road until I came back out.
In crouching down and calling to her softly, she came right to me.

Donations to her mounting Vet Bills can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848

or via PayPal

or via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

Thanks to all my fellow lovelies at KAH as always for being the best of the best out there!!
We are also doing a fecal and deworming her.
She also has a mild hygroma on one of her elbows – lots of soft bedding shall help that
Her panting can at this time be explained by her being stressed, out of shape, uncomfortable due to her bad hips and UTI


Now, that we are home; I also wanted to post that her heart sounded great and once she is more healthy in muscle and settled in with her anxiety; we will re-visit her balance if needed.
She weighed 61 kgs(134.2 pounds) and her growing girth can easily be passed with an explanation of that growing bladder. OR a false pregnancy is very possible.

VIDEO #1 from May 14th, 2012
VIDEO #2 from May 14th, 2012

What she does need to date are:

1) Packing Blankets/Duvets/Comforters as she does have some sores and is weak with bad hips
2) Puppy Pee Pads as she is having some incontinence and discharge
3) She LOVES the smoked knuckle bones
4) Rice
5) FROMM Wet Canned Dog Food
6) Towels
7) Pinesol
8. Leash(she has a collar – thanks to Karen and to HotDogsallDressed Inc.)
9) Donations towards her Vet Bills that shall be substantial regardless if she is pregnant or not
10) Paper Towels

***I will continue to update the list as needed**


BHRR's Emma's ANGELS:      $1,175 donated to date & Bills $1,500 and growing