I am so impressed with what you are doing!


Usually, if I am thinking of adopting I will spend anywhere from six months to two years researching.

I am not trying to "replace" her as that would be impossible. I am trying to do my homework as I know my next dog will be another giant breed. I am interested in Saints, Great danes of course, Mastiffs, Newfs, and Wolfhounds as well. The only thing heartbreaking about these breeds is life span but, I know where my heart is and it's with the gentle giants. I have researched some with Berners too but, am so disappointed in the major ongoing health problems that seem to be just ruining that breed. Maybe there are breeders that are extending their lives some but, some I see are only living six years? I could see if that was a Wolf hound but, heavens..Berners aren't that large really so what on earth is going on.

So, I go looking for somewhere not far from me who does work with adopting out larger dogs. I am in Kingston.. I find tons of places all over Ontario but, I'm not satisfied with their easy, breezy approach. It seems rather fishy to me.

What I got from that experience was this. I thought back and all the things the people said about the dog were glowing and they hadn't asked me any questions at all. No, "Do you have fenced yard?" nothing. That should have been a red flag to me but, I trusted this "rescue" as it was part of the humane society there! You can't win them all but, you can learn from these sorts of things.

When I read your website I noticed how strict it seemed. The plethora of questions, the rules. To me that means you are trying to match dogs to families or homes that are a good "fit" I guess that might take some time and be a longer process which is also to my liking. It means fewer dogs being rehomed over and over or worse. Very well done!  I suppose you must get some people feeling it's a lot of hoops…not me. It's just enough. What a comfort to see in this day and age of millions of breeders and tons of pet shop puppies.

I have not filled out an application yet as I am not at that point right now. This elderly doxie could not handle the stress of a new addition but, when I AM ready to apply it will be to your rescue. I hope I meet your requirements when that time comes as you surely have shown you are serious about rehoming these dogs without exception and with dedication to your rules. That really IS heartening.

Even though  I am not at the point of adopting just yet, I hope it will be possible sometime this year to visit your facility but, if not then I will wait until I am done the application process.

I just wanted to write and say that I've visited your site about four times now, taking it all in and looking over everything. I really feel the approach you are taking is fantastic and likely means adoptions are successful. I wish every rehoming group was doing it this way!

Cheers and thanks for the work you are doing,

Ruth Freeborn