Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! What to say about this gal! LOL She is most assuredly keeping us on our toes these days. She is such a ‘thinker’ and has been very clever in figuring out how to access the rubbermaid food bin. This girl loves loves loves still to bark in excitement and while it is only a few barks, we are still working on that. Her ‘alert’ barks have gotten very few and far between yet they still happen…’hey, look over here’….’WOW, would ya look at that’……’Holy…NO Way…..’ She is a ‘nut’, this one. Full of personality and a charmer yet with an openly honest manipulative streak for she will look positively adorable and innocent while standing right in front of a dumped out food bin almost saying ‘It was not me…honest…’. I keep telling Sean..’Don’t fall for the pretty browns…DON’T look into the brown lights’….LOL 😛 I have found a small spot on her side and while I am not really suspecting that it is a new ‘spot’; I am watching it right now. It could very well be just a ‘play’ mark with how wild these guys can get in their playing. Having so many animals here under the age of 3 is busy, that is for sure. :mrgreen: She does love her comforts too, our bed is her prime ‘real estate’ spot for sleeping yet to keep her onboard with the continued NILIF and Gwennie’s Doggie Boot Camp; she sleeps at night in her crate. She has managed on a number of occasions to ‘open’ her crate(LORD knows how!) and has been found sleeping quite soundly on a dog bed. It is not that I do not trust her to be out at night; it is more for continued training and position placement in the house for she is a true delight with her sometimes high maintenance behavour. I want to keep her on the right track with her molding of her fantabulous personality and obedience/training in the right direction and this is just part of that whole process. When she is older and not as ‘goober’ like; she can sleep out at night. She can still be a bossy bit of goods at time yet it is done mostly in play and we could not ask for a better all around ‘bomb’ proof dog such as her. She is great will all and anyone and any dog; just like Mazda and Lil Linus and Porridge. I just love how intelligent she is and how stimulated she needs to be(she needs a job this one) and how she thinks and processes things. She is superb. Just superb! I know that Sean continues to secretly and not so secretly harbour deep affection for this one. She is a rare gem in so many ways.