Two new pics of DBB Abbi posted; Slides #52 & #53. Abbi continues to just blossom and do wonderfully! She and Mudslide plus Shiva are definitely three Muskateers! While I know that Abbi will deeply miss her DBB sister Mudslide when she goes to her new home within the next week+; I am hoping that Shiva will be enough for Abbi to help her move forward. We had someone over helping us out yesterday with the new horse-lean to etc. and he was absolutely enamored with Abbi…the feelings were quite mutual! I just know that her right home will come and hopefully; it will be soon. She still is not particularly in love with the car yet we continue to ‘work’ on short and fun rides and it is getting so much better. She used to just sit up and look at everything and now she tends to lie down in the beginning and is still a wee bit uncomfortable. She is getting better and will ‘peek’ up and out every now and again and does actually enjoy herself at times. Time and patience and lots of treats! She loves the Timmie’s drive through! LOL