BHRR's Goliath is now back to being AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

In doing the hv yesterday, it was learnt that the whole home was not on board with a possible new Giant to add to their family. BHRR requires every member of the home to be in agreement for a successful adoption to occur.

BHRR's Goliath ROCKED the drive to the hv though! This is after he found that exact same football that he did when I first picked him up to bring to BHRR and happily squeaked it in my ear for hours! LOL

Then he had a grand time de-stuffie a couple of stuffies that was MY fault in leaving in the back floor of the car that other dogs have played with and after that, he decided that one of the dog beds I had put into the wheel wells to make the space in the back even bigger for him in the car; was a very exciting thing to treat as a super large stuffie! I am sure that many a truck or car that passed us or we passed had great amusement in seeing it 'snow' in the car!!!

Thanks to all that called me to keep me 'company' on that drive by calling me and talking to me on my hands free! I was on the road yesterday by 6:15 AM and did not arrive home until close to midnight!

Once, he had that fun, he was a model boy all the way to the hv, during our time there he was so respectful in listening to what was being asked of him; got along great with all people plus dogs in the home and traveled home with me like a real pro! IT is so wonderfully amazing how far he has come since he arrived to BHRR and what remains true is NO STUFFIES for him plus that he remains a HUGE toy freak! LOL cheeky He loves KONG toys, rope toys, tire toys and makes his own toys out of sticks, dog beds too apparently! LOL

This boy is going to make a home one of the BEST additions ever and we remain patient, as we always do. 😉