Mazda has settled in well after a few very ‘close’ nights with Sean that one could barely fit a piece of paper between them for she was so glued to him. Mazda was also a little ‘funny’ around one of her best friends Cherokee for a week or so after her failed adoption. We have never known Mazda to be even remotely ‘testy’ towards any animals and she was towards Cherokee and so we went about doing a slow re-integration with her and the animals here and she is pretty much back to her normal self. She went through a ‘confusion’ period as well and thank goodness that was very short lived. This is why we try so hard to do things ‘right’ the first time around when it comes to adopting out any BHRR animal. For a Dane as wonderfully confident as Mazda to act the way she did when she returned to us; reinforces that even though we have been operating BHRR for over 11 years now; we still can find ways to improve our adoption processes/procedures and mandates. Mazda makes our 2nd failed adoption in 11 years and we have since implemented a change since Mazda’s return to try and eliminate this particular situation from happening again. Mazda has also begun to put her brilliant mind to other uses and has begun to open doors! She just won’t close them behind her and likes to let out ALL the dogs she can to play outside while she is out there too! 🙂 Mazda will be going to the Vet for her annual exam and Vaccines on March 12th. At that time, I will do a re-weigh and a manicure plus pedicure on her. Will also try to put up new pictures of her. What is important for people to understand is that this failed adoption WAS not Mazda’s fault whatsoever.