I took Shiva to work with me last night to do a skin scraping on that spot and there were NSF(no significant findings) yet that does not truly mean that she does not have Demodex. She had no temperature and is eating, drinking, playing and doing everything else normal. Thursday afternoon, I noticed that the red spot was larger, more hair was missing and that it has begun to ‘ooze’ again, so in she went with me. We have put her on Cephalexin 500mg; 1.5 tabs every 12 hours for two weeks. I just plop them in her food and she just gobbles them down. Today, when the kennel manager came into the reception area shortly after I arrived, she began to bark at him. She has not done anything like that in some time(Sean says at our open house, she was a bit nervous of one man there too)and in feeling cornered; she felt quite nervous. She settled down well yet when one of the vets startled her in opening up a door or when one of the techs came around a corner too fast; she was all nervous again and began to do her ‘bark’. It is half in fear and half in ‘bluff’ of ‘step away from me…..’. She does settle down well…liver treats work well and I distract her in having to ‘work’ for her treat and her commands in French are almost flawless…in English, we are getting there! 🙂 She is quite bonded with me and loved the car and is a great traveller! She also became nervous for I did the ‘post appointment’ trip through both McDonald’s and Timmie’s for her and she did a small bark or two in the drive-through at McDonald’s yet no reaction at all at Timmie’s. It was amazing how great she was at the Wiggle Waggle and so, we shall continue to hit social settings, armed with treats and have strangers, especially men feed her. When we got home though, she could not get to Abbi(who was sitting so pretty on the lawn looking for Abbi) and Sean fast enough! She also weighed in at 38.6KGs(84.92 pounds) and I could not have been more WOOHOO! SHE looks FANTASTIC! The last thing that we did with that spot/area on her side is to measure it to see if it is going to get any bigger etc. As Shiva has had a history with demodex, it would not be overly surprising if it was something like that and I will post updates as I can.