Sunday's FREEDOM Dane VIDEO moment! 🙂 BHRR's Freedom made a HUGE milestone break through after the BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House yesterday. At one point, I am sitting there talking to one of my BHRR BOD members and I look and see BHRR's Freedom PLAYING with a tope toy! I mean playing! WAHOOO!

I tried to get some photos; and of course, he 'froze'; but tonight as we were having our family/friend annual FONDUE for my Birthday; I managed to snap not only a photo of him plaing with one rope toy BUT this video! DOESN'T he look content! OMG! I wanted to squish him! BUT, I did not… 😉

In this past 24 hours, for some reason, he has just burst through some of his 'scary' barriers and sigh….it makes my heart feel so good for him! 🙂

AND, I am now convinced that he is most likely around 3 years, not 4 and has that lovely 'masking' gene going on with that face. The playful side of him is OMG! SOOOOOOOOOOOO WOW! He is becoming quite affectionate with myself and youthfully playful. I AM so happy for him! 🙂

The below photo is from last night with my iPhone.

BHRR's Freedom – February 4th, 2012 – FIRST TIME EVER PLAYING with a toy! 🙂