I have been watching the weather very closely this past 24 hours or so for BHRR's Atlas is scheduled for his very first hydrotherapy session at CWW and the forecast has not been looking to positive.

We have gone from a projected forecast of  15-20 cm of snow and 15-20 mm of freezing rain to 20 mm of freezing rain and 1-3 cm of snow. ICK! 🙁

I have been soooooooooooooo looking forward to this for ages with and for BHRR's Atlas! I am not going to cancel until I have to though. Something may change. I can remain hopeful!

I did a manicure and pedicure on him tonight and WHAT a dream he is!!! WOW! This boy just makes my heart throb with adoration! AND he is so happy when he sees me…he has become a whole butt wagger, not just the tail! I have to get a video of him! I just have to and share with all! 🙂

AND the other break through is treaties! FINALLY, a treatie that he will be excited about; Anna's 'BHRR's Journey's Heart Biscuits' made with cheese and tons of love! Some were donated our way and he WUVS them! I have put some aside to bring tomorrow as a very special yummy for him.

For those that might consider being an angel for him; he could use monies towards his Canine Water Wellness Hydrotherapy sessions. We are going to see if the harness that was donated for BHRR Apollo's own CWW sessions shall fit him.

If the weather holds out; I want to bring him to KAH afterwards to get a new weight on him. In looking over his records, he was not even 90+ pounds when he first arrived to BHRR.

BHRR's Atlas – November 29th, 2011
JUST 2.5 weeks after arrival to BHRR

**After some baths plus major TLC he is looking so much better! Sadly, physically the results on his hips are not great BUT he shall be moved to our BHRR Haven Program and ADORED for all the time that he shall have with us! May it be for a very long time that he shall grace/bless the lives of those around him! HE has become so very near and dear to my heart this boy!**

BHRR's Atlas – November 29th, 2011 – LOOK at his coat!

*He has been one of my 'doctors' while I have recovered from surgery and in this photo is is watching over all the online auction goodies AND wants to thank everyone for donating, crossposting plus bidding! The monies raised shall help him and others like him in need of BHRR.*