She has done really well with her rehab here. She is eating better – prefers to eat out of the food bin over a bowl in a crate and eats much better that way. She eats out of the bin – just as in the video we posted for BHRR's Gretta – as we fill up the other bowls for the dogs and then she is filled up a bowl at the end and goes into a crate.

If you put her just in a crate to eat, without allowing her to eat out of the food bin; she will not eat.

At her age and what she has gone through in her life; if she wants to eat that way; GO FOR IT! 😀 As long as she is putting on weight and is eating; it matters naught to me!

Emotionally, spiritually and mentally; she is ready to be placed up for adoption. Physically, I would like to see some more weight on her yet not enough to hold her back from being placed up for adoption. She can continue that weight gain here until her right forever matched loving home finds her. 🙂 I would like about 10 more pounds but she LOOKS so much better than she did when she first arrived.

See a photo below from December 24th, as she waits for this mysterious 'Santa Clause' that she has been hearing so much about! 🙂

BHRR's Adele – Shortly after her arrival to BHRR in November 2011 & then on December 24th, 2011