I am just home from picking up the GD that was found on the 401 last night in the freezing rain in the Prescott/Brockville area.

Will post updates as I can. She is in bad shape. 🙁 She is full of healing and open infected wounds(both thighs, sides, front legs, feet plus head. I give her a body condition of 2/3 out of 10. She is a tiny thing, dehydrated, never had pups, age hard to tell right now, cannot confirm if she has been spayed, she is so terrified the poor thing and my attempts at the Vet Hospital to try and scan her did not yield a microchip(my own scanner died); tiny bits of her ear tips missing(could be mange or frostbite) and we are calling her 'JOURNEY'. I have started her on massive doses of antibiotics and am putting her on a feeding regime of five small meals a day.

I am bringing her back to my own Hospital tomorrow night to run more tests and if anyone wants to be a special SS elf to her; she has an account already set up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 for your consideration. She will would love a soft bed to call her own, collar, leash and lots and lots and positive wishes/thoughts. THANK you to the person who stopped on the 401 to pick her up!!! YOU are her guardian angel for she would not have lived much longer…. 🙁