On Sunday September 7th, Sean and I plus kids did the Wiggle Waggle Walk with several friends; THANKS Leesh, Suzanne, Chuck and Matt! Suzanne and Chuck took some wonderful pics(we forgot our camera) and we would like to share! We ended up taking Shiva with us. Other than some excited barking as we pulled into the parking lot and a few barks here and there throughout the event; she was awesome! She even handled the attacks from an unleashed Bernese Mountain Dog extremely well. SO, did Leesh who had been walking Shiva! Needless to say, I had a few words to say in respect to that display of unresponsible ownership by the owner of that dog. UGH! I wish I had the same ‘voice’ inside of me when I was showing in Ohio in August with Bronson when a Black Great Dane attacked him and me!!!! After how great Shiva did on this walk(yes, her leash manners NEED work and she has not yet been here all that long with us; yet the required round of at least one round of obedience classes is going to work wonders with this); I have decided to now place her up for adoption!!!! I shall be adding her to our PetFinder site later today. She is a great dog!!!! Just awesome! She handled all the noise, dogs(wanted to play with everyone!!!), people, sights, smells just beautifully! She truly is one well rounded dog! I know that Sean will be ‘ok’ should she never be adopted either for those two are well bonded!!!! 😉 AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!!
BHRR’S Shiva & BHRR’s Linus

BHRR’s Shiva, BHRR’s Linus & BHRR’s Porridge at the OHS Wiggle Waggle Walk