Video #1 of BHRR's Gretta eating from one of our food bins.

Video of BHRR's Gretta – FEEDING time at BHRR! She and BHRR's Adele LOVE to eat out of the food bin as we dole out the bowls! Behind her is BHRR's Riley already waiting patiently in his crate for his meal! THE fantastic news is that other than at feeding time; FREEDOM DANES – Adele, Gretta and Peanut are not using a crate other than to rest in one with the door open on their own will! YAY! Their housebreaking has moved quite well, rarely an accident now and to see that they are comfortable to come out and mingle with us and dogs; is a HUGE rehab step. Gretta, Peanut and Freedom are no where near to interacting with strangers/visitors but Adele and Cobalt are doing much better on that front. 🙂

Video #2 of BHRR's Gretta eating from one of our food bins.

Now that Sean has nicely mixed the food (seen in Video #1 just posted) to FREEDOM DANE Gretta's satisfaction; she can munch a bit more out of it before we close it and she finishes her own meal in her bowl. 🙂
FOR those that had the pleasure of working with her at the ES, doesn't she look great!!! Comfortable enough to just stick her head into the bin without worry that she would be beaten back.